Launches New Multi-Channel Outreach Capabilities Launches New Multi-Channel Outreach Capabilities

Photo by Rivage on Unsplash, a leading B2B lead generation software provider, has today announced the launch of its new multi-channel capabilities.

This new multi-channel offering allows customers to integrate email outreach with LinkedIn campaigns, enhancing overall reach and engagement. In addition, new email warmup technology has been launched that ensures high deliverability as an all-in-one solution. supports follow-up messaging sequences of up to 2,000 per month via email and LinkedIn. Users can also personalise their campaigns with variables and advanced scheduling features to allow for a seamless setup, ensuring efficient and targeted communication.

Besnik Vrellaku, founder of, said: “Our new multi-channel capabilities are set to revolutionise the way sales and marketing teams engage decision-makers. By providing the tools needed to effectively integrate LinkedIn and email outreach, we’re delivering a comprehensive solution that maximises outreach efforts and drives meaningful results.”


A prime example of the power of’s offerings is highlighted in the recent case study with FiveRings Marketing. This B2B tech-focused agency leveraged Salesflow to automate lead generation, achieve 6x company growth, triple their profiles, and secure an average of 8 meetings from 400 outreach alone. The integration of multi-channel outreach promises to bring even greater results for users.

Shaheem Alam, CEO of FiveRings Marketing said:

“It’s the trust, credibility, ease of use of the tool, the scalability.There’s so many little things that have, that help us as an agency and as a business.”

In recent years, LinkedIn has emerged as a prominent sales channel due to its ability to provide direct access to decision-makers. A recent internal study by LinkedIn revealed that out of the 774 million LinkedIn users, 65 million are decision-makers, highlighting the platform’s immense potential for sales and marketing professionals.

About Salesflow:

Salesflow stands at the forefront of the Go-To-Market (GTM) software landscape, spearheading a transformative shift in B2B lead generation for scale-ups leveraging email and LinkedIn as a multi-channel engine for outreach. With a reputation endorsed by industry giants such as Hubspot, Monday, LaunchDarkly, Gocardless and HiBob – empowers sales and marketing leaders with unmatched software, enabling the identification of high-quality leads cost-effectively. serves over 10,000 Sales and Marketing users, with a focus on delivering optimal customer experiences. By leveraging Salesflow, individuals can harness the potential of their LinkedIn and email profiles, seamlessly converting leads without manual intervention. Offering a suite of user-friendly features and sophisticated tools, simplifies task automation and accelerates deal closures, streamlining the B2B lead generation journey.


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