8 Professional Email Signature Examples to Inspire You

8 Professional Email Signature Examples to Inspire You

Professional-looking email signatures can supplement your email marketing strategies.

The right email signature gives you a more professional vibe. It educates your email recipient about who you are, and you can use it to improve your brand awareness. In fact, a study by Newoldstamp revealed that 82% of surveyed participants use email signatures for this very reason.

Several general rules can help you create a stunning email signature. In this guide, we’ll cover several professional email signature examples and helpful tips.

The eight best email signature tips to build brand awareness:

  • Use the right colors
  • Keep it simple
  • Apply visual hierarchy
  • Include social media icons linking to your pages
  • Divide the content into sections
  • Add a call to action (CTA)
  • Include your profile photo
  • Make it mobile-friendly

1. Use the right colors

Choose a color palette that isn’t overwhelming and distracting.

Your colors should accentuate the text on your email signature instead of overpowering it. Also remember that the colors should be consistent with your brand to avoid confusing your recipients.

The email signature below is a great example of this.

Use a color palette that’s consistent with your brand. Image source: Author

The right color palette can further establish your brand image, so be mindful about your choice of colors. Find an email marketing software that provides email signature templates to save time and effort in picking the best color combination for your design.

2. Keep it simple

Keep your email signatures simple, yet professional. Add only relevant elements so you don’t overwhelm your recipients. Be sure to include key components, such as your name, title, portfolio, phone number, company, and physical address (if applicable).

Email signature for a professional photographer

Keep the details in your signature to a minimum. Image source: Author



The sender above displayed all of the vital contact details concisely. She also included her photo and a mini-preview of her portfolio without overcrowding her email signature.

Grab your recipients’ attention using simple and elegant email signatures. This encourages your readers to take your messages seriously and engage with your content, contributing to your small business email marketing success.

3. Apply visual hierarchy

Using visual hierarchy is an email design best practice that seasoned marketers use. Highlight critical pieces of information using hierarchy to create good email signatures.

Direct your recipients’ attention to crucial details by using color variations, scaling, font weights, and other elements. Place your name (or your company name) at the top of your email signature, and highlight it with a bigger type size or a different font.

Email signature for an events manager

Give a logical order to your email signature design using visual hierarchy. Image source: Author



In this example, the sender’s name is scaled up and is a different color from the rest of the text. This technique gives your email signature a logical order, helping you communicate your personal details effectively.

4. Include social media icons linking to your pages

Generate more audience engagement by adding clickable icons for your social media pages in your email signature. This gives your recipients more ways to follow and contact you. It also allows them to know you better, fostering trust with your brand.

If your contacts aren’t subscribed to your email list yet, this is an excellent strategy to help establish your brand’s trustworthiness.

Take inspiration from the email signature example below.

Email signature for a YouTube blogger

Add clickable social media icons in your email signature. Image source: Author



Use clickable icons so your recipients can easily get to your social media profiles. This gives you more opportunities to connect with your audience while generating traffic to your social media channels. As your social media following grows, you’re in a better position to nurture your connection with your audience.

Don’t overcrowd your email signature, though: Add only three to five social media icons.

5. Divide the content into sections

It’s email marketing 101 to make your email messages easily readable. Doing so increases the chances of your recipients engaging meaningfully with your content.

This technique also applies to your email signature. Keep it uncluttered by separating multiple types of information into distinct sections. For instance, place your basic contact details on one side, and include your social media icons or profile photo on the other.

Make your email signature content easily digestible with dividers.

Email signature for a CEO

Use separators to keep your email signature content clean. Image source: Author



As shown in the example above, vertical bars visually separate pieces of information on the same line. This saves you space, helps avoid awkward line lengths, and improves your email signature’s design.

Use graphic separators or simple horizontal lines to make each segment of your information more organized. This will improve the readability of your email signature and keep it visually appealing.

6. Add a call to action (CTA)

Include CTAs in your email signature that align with your email style and conversion goals.

However, avoid using the same call to action featured in your email content; that would be redundant and a waste of your readers’ valuable attention. Be sure to write your CTAs as a postscript instead of a sales pitch, so you don’t come off as too pushy.

Email signature for a social media manager at HubSpot

Include a CTA in your email signature to boost your conversions. Image source: Author



Invite your contacts to take action with an engaging and compelling CTA.

Call attention to your offer using these different types of email signature calls to action:

  • Banners: Draw your readers’ attention to your email signature CTA using banners. Make sure the design and size doesn’t take up so much space that you need to remove other, more essential information.
  • Sales and events icons: Include icons in your CTA to add visual cues to your offer. For example, place a gift icon in your Father’s Day sale promotion.

This can prompt your recipients to associate your promotion with free giveaways, attracting their interest.

7. Include your profile photo

Make eye-catching email signatures by adding images and visual elements.

Add your profile photo to put a face on your brand. This makes your email signature and brand more memorable for your recipients.

Email signature for a visual artist

Include your photo to exude a friendly brand image. Image source: Author



Adding your headshot makes your email signature more friendly and relatable. It conveys transparency and openness — both of which are crucial for building customer relationships.

8. Make it mobile-friendly

Create a mobile-responsive email signature to ensure its readability when viewed using smartphones and similar devices. Your texts, buttons, and links should be large enough and spaced properly to read and tap.

The email signature below, for example, provides ample spacing between social media icons.

Email signature for a graphic designer

Optimize your email signature design for mobile devices. Image source: Author



The design allows users to tap an icon easily without accidentally tapping the others when using a smartphone. This improves your recipients’ user experience, which helps make your brand more memorable.

Reach more people with a mobile-responsive email signature design. It helps build your email list for your permission-based email marketing and other marketing efforts.

Start creating professional-looking and beautiful email signatures

Build your email signature with a clean design, and make it easy to read. Use the tips in this guide to create professional email signatures that invite recipients to connect with you, respond to your offers, and reinforce your brand’s credibility.

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