1/16/14 – the 15 minute hole

1/16/14 – the 15 minute hole

You saw it here first.

Good morning!

Kids buying without parent’s permission.

Because they didn’t know the 15 minute hole.

Want to know what that is?

32.5 million?  That’s a whole lotta apps!

I’m writing this around 3:13am or so.    Going to have a snow shower today (even if the temp is 41 degrees?  Huh?) but Camp Pendleton in CA is scheduled to hit  90 degrees.    They’re welcome to it.  I much prefer spring-like weather.  Which hasn’t hit us yet.

In my Mastermind at http://askbling.com/btlace , we’ll be chatting about growing one’s facebook group.  Speaking of which, the 3 Week FB Groups Espresso is now $247 at http://askbling.com/vcefbgroups ! First class is today.

And it’s 16 days before Marching Band!  Okay, the Superbowl.  Have you created any products for that?   It’s definitely going to be a popular topic for the next 2 weeks!

Today I am NOT releasing a product!  If you are releasing a product, let us know!  And while I specialize in Authority Marketing, I do NOT focus on Tomato growing marketing in Camp Pendleton, CA.  Greetings all tomato marketers in Camp Pendleton, CA, you shine!

Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day! http://www.furriesonline.com/dragonday/ .  I notice how they don’t list Smaug under famous dragons.  Perhaps because of his delightful personality.  Who knows?

Today’s Authority News:

How You Can Leverage Social Currency by Finding Your Product’s Inner Remarkability

Tomorrow’s Inspiring Quote:

  • “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” – Dalai Lama

Have a great day!


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling