57+ Ways To Be Happy And Single On Valentine’s Day! (free download!)

57+ Ways To Be Happy And Single On Valentine’s Day! (free download!)


While I do enjoy making money with my products and my business, I have to admit the responses I’m receiving for my “57+ Ways To Be Happy And Single On Valentine’s Day” are hugely gratifying. It’s a free product but already it has made such a positive impact on peoples lives!

Grab it here ==> http://askbling.com/singlevday

The inspiration to this product sparked when I read some responses to my earlier Valentine’s Day posts. 48 hours later, it was completed (would have been sooner but I was just down and out yesterday).

If you’re single or know of singles and want to have 57+ ways of having a great day today (actually there’s 69 listed) – grab it today! And because it’s free, do feel free to email it/share it/send it/FB it/etc.etc.etc.etc. it. I’d love to see everyone who needs their spirits lifted…. have the opportunity.

Here’s the background!

This product came into being 48 hours after the inspiration. It would have been sooner except health knocked me off my feet.

On 2/11/13, I posted the following to my Facebook page.

“It’s 2 more days until Valentine’s Day. So many of us are caught up with our business/work/etc that we might let romance slide (not a good thing at all!).

What are your plans for vDay? And I’m not talking about generic flowers/lingerie/mankinis/etc – what *creative* ideas do you want to enthrall your loved one with on Friday?

I’ve been known for creating romantic treasure hunts in the past in basements, offices, etc. After all, works great but pales next to the Husband.

What are some of your creative ideas? Anthony Aires Gomes, Im expecting something from you that involves the gym. Ben Adkins could sing Barry Manilow tracks. Robert Stukes could reinact a scene from Officer and a Gentleman (side note – he took great protective care of me when I went to the first hookah bar (which, btw, my kids thought it was a hooker bar)). Donald Wilson will gift Rachel Rofé with an authentic BarbLing Moose Coffee Pourer.

Brad Spencer will craft ageless poetry for Christina Sebben that while it will be sorely lacking in red letters and yellow highlights, will convey Brad’s own unique USP (written by Colin Theriot of course)

Yep, I like that! What other goodness is on tap for Valentine’s Day?”

When I woke up next morning, some of the responses stopped me in my path.

I had totally ignored the fact that a good portion of my network is single. Either by choice….or not by choice.

And then I realized…. Valentine’s Day can be really tough on single folk.

It shouldn’t have to be. Thus was born the inspiration for this product! Simply because as a single person:

Everywhere you look, you see Happy Happy Joy Joy (or at least the faked implication of it, witness all the FB postings as well) and after awhile – my gosh! Who needs this continued bashing over the head that you have yet to meet your future Significant Other (referred to as SO for the rest of this guide)? What if you’re happy the way you are? Etc.etc.

Who indeed. Well, here’s the thing. You can approach Valentine’s Day and:

Dedicate it to the person most deserving….. YOU.

After all, you’re the one living your life, right? So why not honor yourself in ways you’ve never considered before?

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!….

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Grow Strong,

Barbara Ling

Author: Virtual Coach