2/19/14 –  Bitcoins, Webinars, Covert Angels, more!

2/19/14 – Bitcoins, Webinars, Covert Angels, more!

You saw it here first.

When your back…




Considered Doing…


Had a powerful time writing that!  Hope you find it as useful as did I.

I’m writing this around 11am  or so – it’s been awhile since I wrote here and I’m glad to be back.  Had a hugely character-building time with my family but it’s all good!

Over at my mastermind at http://askbling.com/btlace , we all congratulated Sue for her Bitcoins PLR launch at http://askbling.com/bitcoinplr and Di for her 100 Kindle Launch at http://askbling.com/100kindle AND I shared my latest product as well, Webinars: The Next Generation.  Expect that soon!

And now I have to figure out a new day to count down to!  Any ideas?

Today I am AM releasing a product … and if you are, if you are releasing a product, let us know!  And while I specialize in Authority Marketing, I do NOT focus on baby health marketing in Giant’s Neck, CT!  Greetings all Giant’s Neck CT baby health marketers, you shine!

Today is National Chocolate Mint Day! http://www.holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/February/chocolatemintday.htm   Yum!  Send some my way, okay?

Today’s Authority News:

43 Split Tests that Boost Conversions

Tomorrow’s Inspiring Quote:

  • “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” – Captain Jack Sparrow

Have a great day!


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling