1/30/14 – Scary Driving, Pinterest, Super Bowl Profits, more!

1/30/14 – Scary Driving, Pinterest, Super Bowl Profits, more!

You saw it here first.

Good morning!

The South.

Which normally doesn’t have snow.

Or ice.

Changed its mind.

Wow!  Can you believe these pictures?

I’m writing this around 5:30am – lousy sleep during the evening (serenaded by mooses yipping their fool heads off).  But!  My Super Bowl product is almost ready (woohoo!).  It’s a whole new product creation adventure for me – can’t wait to share it.  Massive coffee was involved in keeping me awake.  🙂

And in my Mastermind at http://askbling.com/btlace which is now closed, we’re talking about ways to release products in 3 different formats yet have all the same followup webinar.   Good stuff indeed!

And it’s 3 days before Marching Band!  Okay, the Superbowl.  Have you created any products for that?   It’s definitely going to be a popular topic for the next 5 days!

Today I am NOT releasing a product but oh I am so close!  If you are releasing a product, let us know!  And while I specialize in Authority Marketing, I do NOT focus on Parking Lot Repair Marketing in Seventy Six, Kentucky!  Greetings all Seventy Six Kentucky Parking Lot Repair marketers, you shine!

Today is National Croissant Day!  http://holidays.theonlinerecipebox.com/january-30th-national-croissant-day/  !  With butter, please!

Love me plugins that work!!!!!

Today’s Authority News:

Is Pinterest In YOUR Future?

Tomorrow’s Inspiring Quote:

“What really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. So always pay attention to what is happening inside you.” – Paulo Coelho

Have a great day!


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling