1/10/14: Icy Balls, Hell Froze, Google+ News, CES Breakthru more!

1/10/14: Icy Balls, Hell Froze, Google+ News, CES Breakthru more!

You saw it here first.

Good morning!

Think about nice warm balls.

Now make ’em icy cold.

Thinking about that yet?

It’s still around -31 degrees in Land O Lakes, WI (they have more than butter!) but still.  Wow.

I’m writing this around 3:44am or so.     Yesterday was a total washout – by 1:30pm, gave up the attempt and rescheduled my webinar for later on.  🙁  However, before collapsing in a heap, I did manage to transform a lot of the content into a page over at http://askbling.com/vcefbgm – there you’ll see the signup for next week’s powerful 3 Week Mastermind class (and get this, I offer a 3 way payment option as well!).   More soon.

The entire 3 week class schedule is spelled out, testimonials are present and much much more.  Woot!

In my Mastermind at http://askbling.com/btlace , I gave continuous updates to my peeps about the issues I was going through… and I’m going craft up a private class on how to deal with such things for the future.

That class I gave 2 days ago?   It’s a bonus addition now for  http://askbling.com/vcefbgroups .  Good stuff!

(Remember, those in the mastermind get this free!).

It’s 35 days until Valentine’s Day!  Are you considering a product for it?

Today I am NOT releasing a product! If you are releasing a product, let us know!  And while I specialize in Authority Marketing, I do NOT focus on event marketing in Reno, NV .  Greetings all Reno NV event marketers, you shine!

It’s also National Bittersweet Chocolate Day too! http://www.punchbowl.com/holidays/bittersweet-chocolate-day .   Thank you no, it’s white chocolate for me!

Today’s Authority News:

Best of Consumer Electronics Show

Tomorrow’s Inspiring Quote:

  • “How long should you try? Until.” – Jim Rohn

Have a great day!


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

Author: Virtual Coach