Quick Recap: Learn at your own pace affiliate marketing?

Quick Recap: Learn at your own pace affiliate marketing?

Hey there,

Barb Ling here and very quickly…

You know how my brilliant partner Dennis Becker and I created the DennisAndBarb coaching …

(… and I will be the first to admit, it came into being solely because of his initial vision.  The man is grand).

But I digress!

We’ve released something rather special (especially for newbies) that not only will give you the benefit of nice patient Affiliate marketing lessons (one per week!) but right now…

It’s available at a special early birdie price as well!

==> See all the benefits waiting for you here….

You’re going to love what you earn!

Grow strong,

Barb “More Commissions!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – Want more info?  Well….

Without wanting to brag, I want to give you confidence that I might just be THE person to lead you in this training program.

See, I was named the #2 affilliate marketer, by reason of volume of referred sales, in all of Warrior Plus for 2017. There are many thousands of affiliates on that very popular platform, so I was shocked when I learned the news.

But of course, I don’t just promote products on W+, I also earn from JV Zoo, Nanacast, Infusionsoft, and other poplular platforms, as well ca create and market my own products (for which I allow other affiliates to earn money as well).

So I’ve been on both sides of the affiliate aisle, and have succeeded nicely on both.

I developed this course to teach you how to promote affiliate programs in just 1-3 hours per week.

Every week for one full year (52 weeks) you’ll receive an email with a special download link for that week’s step-by-step lesson. Included in the lesson is an assignment for you to complete so you’ll make progress every single week.

Over the coming 12 months we’ll cover 52 ways to promote your affiliate link, including…

  • The Secret To Long Term Affiliate Marketing Success
  • Beginners Affiliate Marketer’s Mindset Challenges
  • The 3 Things Affiliate Marketers NEED
  • Setting Up Your Promo List
  • Understand the Differences Between IM and Traditional Affiliate Offers
  • Becoming Known To Vendors
  • The Art of Writing Promos
  • Creating an Affiliate Story Promo
  • Creating an Affiliate Benefits Promo
  • How To Add Affiliate Bonuses
  • Affiliate Link Tracking and Cloaking
  • Much more: A whopping 52 lessons, each building on the others, and giving you more income building tips and techniques.

Instead of simply publishing this information in some ebook or quick coaching program, I’m making it available to you week after week in action-sized portions so you’ll actually get results.

You don’t need another ebook to clutter up your computer or more words to clutter up your brain. What you need is a weekly “here’s what you do next” action step to complete. What you need is for someone to show you how to quickly get started and then keep teaching you week after week so you don’t get stalled along the way.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do when you join below.

==> And that’s exactly what I’m going to do when you join below.

Let me know what you think!

Author: Virtual Coach