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Virtual Coach Food, Fat and Fitness Philosophy

The Virtual Coach Food, Fat and Fitness Philosophy is super simple and can be summed up with one word:


  • Awareness
  • Respect
  • Inspiration
  • Self-Esteem

It begins with the following Life Awareness.

The plain fact is, in today’s day and time….

You are being marketed to, 99.96843% of time.

In other words….

Everybody has their own agenda and wants to get something from you.

Generally it’s money, but sometimes it’s as simple as gathering you into their Own Personal Fold so you become yet another loyal fan… ready to tell your friends about their glorious ideas and compel them to spend money as well.

Yep… the Virtual Coach is jaded bigtime.

I write more about these elsewhere, but let’s take one simple example – “America’s Doctor”

  • Dr. Oz with:
    • Pure Green Coffee
    • Carcinia Cambogia

Now, he’s one of THE most followed “medical” celebrities in the media.   And when he mentioned a product…. money rains like a hyperactive hurricane souped up on extra-strength caffeine.

But do those products REALLY work?

Well, check out this lawsuit by the FTC:

“…Lindsey Duncan and the companies he controlled have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceptively touted the supposed weight-loss benefits of green coffee bean extract through a campaign that included appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, The View, and other television programs.

Under the FTC settlement, the defendants are barred from making deceptive claims about the health benefits or efficacy of any dietary supplement or drug product, and will pay $9 million for consumer redress…” (full article HERE)

And see the Senate Hearing:


Everyone has their own agenda.

Not that that’s bad, mind you…. but you need to be *aware* of the *underlying* goals from those you read, watch, enjoy and the like.

The next part of the The Virtual Coach Food, Fat and Fitness Philosophy continues with:


  • The respect you have for yourself.
  • The respect you have for others
  • The respect you have for  your surroundings.


You need to respect and accept your own choices…..


You need to respect and accept other people’s choices as well.


In the vast majority of cases, you are where you are right now in your life… because of *your* choices.

Nobody elses.

Are you overweight?  It’s most likely because you chose to put more calories into your body than you burned.

Chances are, nobody *forced* you into that lifestyle.

But!  It could be that food is a comfort response to something *else* in your life you feel you cannot control.

And by indulging in food, you’re treating the other issues that frighten or bother you.

That’s okay.  That’s your choice.  And if you’re comfortable with all the reasons that play into where you are in life… more power to you.

That deserves respect.

And that respect… should be shown to others as well.

Even if you  don’t understand their particular choices.

How many times have we seen fat-shamers or thin-shamers or anything-shamers…..

… go out of their way to verbally assault someone?

Heck, did you hear about the Overweighters Haters?  To wit:

Disgusting.  Truly, appallingly… disgusting.

Again.   Nobody knows the hero’s journey another soul walks….

The next part of the The Virtual Coach Food, Fat and Fitness Philosophy adds:

A heaping measure of Inspiration….

No matter what situation you’re in….

No matter what challenges you have…

You are *still* an inspiration to someone.


Now, you might not *know* it…..

But somewhere out there….

… be it on social media, be it your real life friends, be it the nice checkout clerk who is thankful for your smile…..

You are an inspiration.

Now, you might not believe that yourself at this minute.

Fact is, you might have difficulty in accepting yourself as the truly great person you.

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But the thing is…..

For someone (and you might not even know who!) you are truly an inspiration.

Like these people….

I love these videos, how about you?

And as you embrace The Virtual Coach Food, Fat and Fitness Philosophy , you could become be more and more open to letting people learn from you…. and gain *their* inspiration from you.

And finally, we close our ARISE philosophy with the core goodness of The Virtual Coach:  a powerful secret known as:


Okay, it’s obviously not a secret.  🙂  But you know….

Sometimes it’s REALLY difficult to value yourself if you never learned to honor the greatness you have within.

And that’s why instilling self-esteem is so powerful for your life……

It ensures that even IF the little voice in your head starts chatting more negatively than a spilled coffeecup Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous….

  • Even if you suffer from toxic friends and family….
  • Even if you lose your job,relationship, weight battle and more…..

You’re still flying strong because you *know deep inside*……

You’ve got this!

* * *

The Virtual Coach Food, Fat and Fitness Philosophy embraces honoring your own personal inner hero and goodness ….and letting it brilliantly shine in everything you do.

Embrace the Virtual Coach ARISE philosophy….and you’ll live results you’ve never thought possible.

It’s waiting for you.

Grow strong,

Mama Bear



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