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💝 Day 108 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I will give myself permission to write down my goals on neon sticky notes and stick them on anything that is not moving

Good morning! Yesterday, we tackled giving yourself permission to both set and achieve your goals. Today, let's take the next step to making that happen! Move to: To wit: See: Having something stare at you every single day... Your goals, to be precise.... You'll never forget what you intend to achieve. Woot! Steven and Amethyst visit some friends… Read More

💝 Day 107 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I give myself permission to making what I want to achieve… my goal.

Good morning! Yesterday, we tackled the idea of what YOU want to achieve. Today, let's take the first stop to putting that into action.... Move to: To wit: See: It doesn't matter WHAT your goals are.... Until you proactively decide they are important enough for you to make them happen. You.  Nobody else. Woot! Huge Massive… Read More