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Quick Recap: =>I’ve paid 10K for the wisdom shared hre….


Barb Ling here and pardon me while I scream to the high heavens.

And then get my coffee cup.

And then fling THAT towards my ceiling (but lighter, see, so I can catch it before it breaks)

See – my partner has gone ahead and convinced me to use SUCH a low price….

It’s maddening.  Back in 2012, I invested 10K for one on one coaching… and while this is self-paced….

Well, the brains that went in to getting this done???

Ah well, compromise is the hallmark of a great partnership!

So let me let my partner tell you all about it:

“…I mentioned the “sort of” launch of

our new course, IM Ignition, the other
day, and that it was already part of the
full DAB Group Coaching program.

But the other day I hadn’t yet made a
decision on the pricing of IM Ignition

I’ve been going nuts over the pricing
of this, because I know the blood, sweat,
and work that I’ve put into it already,
and still have to do.

The value and the potential to change
lives is through the roof, and I have
so many ideas about marketing this
beyond those on our email lists.

Virtually anyone who wants to earn
money on the Internet, even those
who are earning some, but not enough
income, will benefit from what they
learn inside IM Ignition.

So to get this off the ground, and
in spite of the fact that this could
easily be a $97/month course…

As an early bird special discount to
you, the price for the first 50 to
sign up is only $19/month for 12
months… which you can cancel at

any time, of course.

… or even better you can choose the
one-pay option of $127, save money,
and not make monthly payments.

With the one-pay option, you’ll get
access to the lessons as soon as they’re
finished, not on a weekly basis.

It won’t take me 12 months to finish
them, of course, so you’ll be saving
money and getting the course quicker.

That will save you significantly, but
remember, just the first 50 people to
join get this early bird pricing, and
then it becomes (probably) $27/month
or $247 one-pay.

Maybe more.

You can join here:


Barb “More Buy Buttons” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

P.S. Remember, be one of the first
50 to join and you’ll get the early
bird pricing. That price could change
at any moment with no warning,
once the limit has been reached.


Grow strong,

Barb “More Buy Buttons” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

And the other soul-searingly agonizing thing he’s not doing?


Grab it before I convince him TO add the 976497 upsells I’d prefer….


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