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Quick Recap: ==>HEADSUP: (price increasing $47) Main part is zero cost but the goodness you’ll see:

Hey there,

The Virtual Coaches and ….

We gained permission to share!

To wit:


If you haven’t downloaded my report
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It’s free, and there are upsells but
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The free report will teach you tons,
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You might want to read it several
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But the upsells. The first one is
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, and while the free report
isn’t going to disappear, and the
strategy isn’t going to get less
powerful, the chance to get a full
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You can go straight there if you
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It says you get 16 rebranding
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the year).

That’s misleading.

I mean AT LEAST 12 more, but there
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I have big plans for that service.

The price is going to be $47
starting tomorrow.

And after a while, the plan is to
turn it into a monthly membership
site with recurring payments.

If you buy now, it’s a one-pay
price, you’ll never pay more, and
even if it goes past the end of
2021, you won’t have to pay again.

It almost definitely WILL go past
the end of 2021.

I have been buying up premium PLR
that gives me the right to create
rebrandable reports that I can license
to you.

Some providers (most PLR providers)
don’t have the vision to allow their
buyers to do that, but some do, and
I’ve been investing.

Plus I have tons of content of my own
that is evergreen and that I can do
whatever I want with.

That investment will benefit you.

At $47 it will be a great value.

At $17 a month it will be a great

At today’s price, it’s… wow! (click HERE to see)

When you see what’s coming out of
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the faith to follow my vision.

You really will… click here to understand why!

Have a spectacular day.

Dennis Becker, the 5 Buck Guy

P.S. Just the first 4 rebranding
licenses that you receive instantly
will be more than worth what the
current price is.

And you’ll never pay another dime
for at least 12 more licenses, but
more likely many more.

The rebranding licenses allow you
to insert your affiliate links into
the reports and either resell (in
most cases), share anywhere you
can, use as lead magnets to build
your own email list, and more.

Doing that will take you less than
a minute to create your own version
of a PDF with your links inside.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


Sounds good indeed…. What’s not to adore?


The Virtual Coaches

ps – And the enhancements…

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