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If you’re stuck getting the same, so-so results from your video marketing…
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The good news is…In 3 steps, SyVID exposes your content to 14 video-sharing sites easily, letting you flood all your videos with views and FREE traffic.
Here are 5 ways how SyVID gives you unfair advantage in a few minutes’ work.
Reason #1: One-click connect
That’s right. In just one click.. You can connect all of your social media accounts to SyVID. That way, when you upload a video, all of your accounts are ready to promote it and bring traffic in fast.
Reason #2: Video Based Campaigns
Organise the video syncing campaigns inside your control panel. You can track users, videos and entire campaigns from inside SyVID at a glance.
And we’re just getting started with this powerful video marketing app.
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Reason #3: Title, Descriptions & Keyword Spinner
If you’re worried about getting slapped with duplicate content penalties for posting the same video to different sites… no problem. SyVID’s inbuilt software puts a spin on every title so they are all unique.
Reason #4: SEO Rank Score
SyVID generates a unique SEO Rank Score for each title, keyword and description when you’re uploading the video. That means you know exactly what’s required to get better video rankings and reach Google page #1 too.
Reason #5: Whitehat and Approved
SyVID is an approved whitehat video distribution app that means you won’t get any bans or disapprovals for using it.
Forget about manually generating traffic to all your videos. SyVID lets you get 10X more results at a fraction of the effort.
Today, you can start turning all those videos you’ve been creating for yourself and for your clients into traffic-pulling, page #1 ranking assets.

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