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Quick Recap: PREMIUM: eCom spy for 2018? (swiss army for ALL eCom): My Ecom Spy!

Hey there,

Barb Ling here and did you see this?  It’s premium but oh……


==> eCom Spy
Linke below

Your Benefits:  It brings back up to 200 Instagram influencers at a time for your promotions plus: 


Brief, pithy and to the point:

Imagine you could:

See in real time the video ads, posts and interaction that you cannot discover on your own.

Imaging that?  Next:

Imagine peering into the entire process of a six or seven figure store to see what their top sellers are, their ads, their sourced products and much more!

Finding a hot product is always the biggest hurdle. We are giving you access to thousands of hot selling products with a couple of clicks in real time.

 The Shopify Research tool will bring back realtime demographics on every aspect of the stores traffic. You will be able to see where they are getting all of their traffic. We have found several huge traffic sources that most Ecom sellers would have no idea where top stores are getting their traffic. Guess what? Many times it is not coming from Facebook and other traditional traffic sources.

 The Shopify Research tool also brings back the top traffic referral countries for every store. This is a great feature for people outside of the United States. This is an international tool. No other ecom tool brings you this kind of information.

Gain access to thousands of promoters who will endorse the products you are selling.

Find high converting products and vendors in seconds.

 The Facebook Research tool will allow you to look at any fanpage and filter by Likes, Views, Shares and Comments so you can find highly converting ads for products that are selling now.

The software shows you the top selling vendors for millions of best selling products.

 This is the only software on the planet to offer these 5 unique tools. This gives you an unfair advantage. It is like cheating! Including Shopify, Insta spy tool, Etsy spy tool, Facebook ads spy tool, and the Top Shopify store tool.

 One stop system. We give you everything you need to succeed. The best selling products in any niche. The best ads to use. The best vendors to use. The best Instagram tool so you can crush it with your promotions.

 This is a proven system not just some flash in the pan software. We will continue to make updates in the coming days with new options. You will have free access to all new updated versions.

 Everything that is researched is in real time and sets this tool apart from anything else out there in the market. There is no scraped database. Everything you see is up to date to the second. No API’s accessed!

Since everything is in real time you have an infinite amount of products to find and take advantage of. It will never get saturated so take advantage of this opportunity.

 There is no other software that gives you access to hundreds of thousands of stores and products at your fingertips within seconds. This is not a scraped database like our competitors have that is outdated by months. 

 You can do what would normally take hours for 1 or 2 products into minutes to find a winner and have the entire business laid out in front of you. Then we give you a Instagram tool to market that product to any niche that you would like. Instagram Shout Outs and promotions will give you a huge advantage in 2018 and this software will let you capitalize on this trend.

 You get access to the only software tool out there that gives you the best selling stores and products on Etsy. This Esty tool can find hot products or top selling vendors to dropship for you in seconds.

This system will be constantly updated and all upgrades and updates are free!

This is the swiss army knife of Ecom tools….

And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and receive my own:

eCom Power Strategy

My own collection of the BEST ecom tools out there!

Sounds good?  I think so – not only are the holidays coming BUT….

You now have the opportunity to grow your profits for 2018 as well….

Whats not to adore?

Grow strong,


P.S. The price will likely TRIPLE or even quadruple,
soon, but since Ben is so generous, he’s giving us a
chance to grab it for literally PENNIES on the dollar.

PS: think Etsy, Instagram and…..

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