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Quick Recap: PLR THUD? With Resell Rights included?


Barb Ling here and did you miss this?



Your Benefits:   you get over 100 hours of rock solid training for pennies on the dollar… resell rights included


Brief, pithy and to the point…

Look at everything you’ll receive!
–> You get unlimited repurpose rights, edit it anyhow you want, once edited you can put your name on it

–> You can resell it as many times as you want

–> You can use it as a giveaway for your squeeze pages

–> You can include it in your memberships, paid or free

Bottom line – you can do just about anything with it!

==> Here are the 100+ trainings:

1) Huge Results Fast – Extreme Productivity

2) How to Create a Solid Product

3) How to Build a Legacy Business

4) Modeling Success – Keep Model Simple

5) How to Write a Powerful Daily Email

6) Attracting Clients Who Are Willing to Pay a Higher Rate

7) How to Think Like an Entrepreneur – Deep Insight into How Entrepreneurs Think Differently (Including How I Started My First Business in High School)

8) Clarity and Resolve to Build a Big Business –

9) How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection – You’ll get some deep insight from about the fears – rejection, failure, etc – that really hold you back . . this is psychological, insightful . .

10) How to Create Powerful Trust in 5 Days So Folks Buy More and Buy Fast-

==> catch that trust?

11) Failure Rates Online, What’s Wrong With the IM Industry Today

12) How to Achieve Big Goals – Your Big Goals

13) How to Script Your Webinar, Step by Step, What to Write and How to Do It to Write Your Webinar

14) How to Simplify Your Marketing Proposition

15) How to Get Massive Traffic Online – Total Traffic Model

16) Training: Traffic Deep Dive – Reality Intro to Relationship

17) Traffic Blogging With Donna and David

18) Unlimited Visitors to Your Site

19) 1000 Subscribers a Month

20) Viral Traffic

21-30) InfoProducts Complete A-Z (Brand New 10 – Part System for Your Infobusiness Profits)

–> Intensive Sales

–> Psychology of Devotion

–> Easy Way to Write Your Sales Letter

1) Infotraining Lesson 1

2) Infotraining Lesson 2

3) Infotraining Lesson 3

4) Infotraining Lesson 4

5) Psychology of Devotion

6) Write Your Sales Letter

7) Coaching Call

8) Coaching Call

9) Traffic and Sales

==> catch that psychology?

31-36) Sales Intensive The Big Business Training Program (This was originally a 6 week live class)

–> How to Get Viral Traffic For Your Big Business

–> The plugins you need to run your Big Business

–> How to Get the Big Idea for Your Big Business

Big Business Consolidation Model

Big Business First Class: Intro and Get Started

Big Business 2nd Class: Plugins

Big Business 3rd Class

Big Business 4th Class: Viral Traffic

Big Business 5th Class: Launching Your Membership

Big Business 6th Class: Writing Your Email Campaign

37) Faith to Be Fearless

38) Your Big Niche Domination Plan for 2018

39) Remaining Strong in Crisis, Adversity, Heartbreak

40) Overcoming Fear

41) Strength to Go On

42) Hustle for First Clients

43) Gratefulness Leads to Increase

44) Passion to Persevere

45) The Power of Resilience as an Entrepreneur

46) Fear and Action-Taking

47) Implementation – the Hidden Secret

48) Unnamed Training #1

49) Open Coaching Coaching Q and A

==> catch that banishing fear?

50) Mystery Topic

51) Mystery Training #2

52- 55) The High-Level Infobusiness

–> The problem with infobusiness selling the old way (pre-2018)

–> The solution – and the big shift to take your infoselling 10X

–> The entire deep and high-level infobusiness model I personally use

52) Trainings: The Business Model – The Why and the Shift The Business Model – Implementation

53) How to Create a Credibility Campaign Create Training Specifically for Subscriber Needs

54) Write Copy That Blends into Credibility Campaign

55) Natural Conclusion Sales Funnel

56) Complete Business Model – New and Awesome!

57) How to Find a Marketable Problem You Can Solve

58) Week 1 Beginner Blitz – Squeeze, Sales, Product, Traffic

59) Week 2 Beginner Blitz – Squeeze, Sales, Product, Traffic

60) Week 3 Beginner Blitz – Sales Letter

61) Week 4 Beginner Blitz – Traffic From Other Sites

62) First $100 Online

63) 1 Recording + Daily Writing = Constant Product Creation

64) Blueprint Training

65) Designing Your Product Line

66) Complete Concise Product Funnel Launch

67) Automated Sales Funnel

68) How to Write Must-Read Engaging Emails

69) Taking Risk

70) Pricing and Advanced Marketer Blueprint

71) How to Come Up With Your Own Unique Angle

72) Rapport Building Email Campaign

73) Dominic Anderton Interviewing Me

74) Advanced Sales Funnel Blueprint Now it’s time to get serious about traffic:

75) Natural Engagement Traffic

76) Relentless Pursuit of Traffic

77) Imagining Your Platform

78) Youtube Kickoff

79) Youtube Training Case Study

80)Where Abundance Comes From

81) How to Get Buyer Leads

82) Scaling Your Business

83) How to Launch a One-Year Coaching Program

84) Part 1: 6 Week LifeStyle Business

85) Part 2: 6 Week :LifeStyle Business

86) Part 3: 6 Week LifeStyle Business

87) Part 4: 6 Week LifeStyle Business

88) Part 5: 6 Week Lifestyle Business

89) Part 6: 6 Week LifeStyle Business

90) Entrepreneurial Action

91) Make a Decision About What You Really Want

92)Vision, Focus, Distractions and Victory

93) Format for a Big Membership

94) How to Sell on the Fly

95-98) Now it’s time to consider building a platform to scale even more:

95) Week 1 Platform Training

96) Week 2 Platform Training

97) Week 3 Platform Training

98) Week 4 Platform Training

99) Membership Training

100) Membership Sales Letter

101) Membership Pre-Selling Emails

102) How to Launch a One-Year Coaching Program

103) 10 Day Coaching Program

104) Coaching Program Sales Letter

105) Diligence for Success

==> Dimesale but rising!

Methinks you’ll enjoy it greatly.


Grow strong,

Barbara “More Sales!!!” Ling

ps –  DIMESALE so price is increasing with every sale… go grab it now!

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