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I remember when FB pages was “the thing.”

Back in, hmmmmmm 2013?

Since then, much more focus has been dedicated to FB groups.

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Youll discover:

  • Why Facebook Pages And Not Groups… Everyone says start a Group… Here’s why they’re WRONG…

  • Why Negative Comments Are GOOD… Positive comments on your posts are great… but negative comments can be so much more profitable!

  • Why Your Ego Is Your Enemy… Make your Page about yourself and it will fail… Here’s who and what your page SHOULD be about…

  • How To Avoid The Biggest Pitfall… Do what most people do and you will NOT be successful… Get this right and you’re WAY ahead of the game…

  • What A Page That Has Millions Of Followers REALLY Looks Like… I let you spy on one of my busiest pages, including stats…

  • Endless Supplies Of Free Content… You think I write all my posts? NO. Here are my sources of free content you’re SUPPOSED to share…

  • What Exactly Makes A Post Go Viral… The connection between Page topic and post content, explained by a master…

  • Watch A Post Go Viral… I show you exactly how I post my content on a busy page, so it gets thousands of reactions and shares in minutes…

  • How Traffic Jacking Can Help Build Your New Page’s Audience… Two ethical, accepted methods for getting other Pages’ followers to visit yours — the RIGHT way…

  • Not One But TWO Smart Zero-Cost Ways To Make Money From Your Page… The Lazy Way — make this simple post and let your Page visitors do the marketing for you… and The Free Content Way — get paid for posting completely free content…

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