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Quick Recap: oOo [BTL/IBU affiliate] Join our new program and earn 2-tier commissions


Barb Ling here and as you might remember…

Dennis and I have been partners for over a year!

We just added group coaching but even more exciting….

…. a tremendous NEW affiliate program too that’s 2-tier!!

Here’s what Dennis wrote:

“…Thank you for being an E1KaD affiliate.

I haven’t contacted you in a while,
because I’ve been focusing on a much
larger scale than I have in a long time.

I built something that would appeal to
a large segment of Internet marketers,
and in order to make it as popular as
possible, I created a new affiliate
platform that pays commissions that
are ground breaking.

In order to do that, I had to set up a new
Nanacast account, one which pays
commissions on 2 tiers.

Yes, 2 tiers.

That means extra commissions for
affiliates that spread the word about
us and our products.

Since you’re on this list, you’re most
probably set up as a Nanacast affiliate

Now you just need to also join my new
account by going here, after signing
in with your existing account:

After you do that, you should be able
to log into your Nanacast affiliate
center and see the new products
available from us, which are in the
account named “Dennis Becker and
Barb Ling”.

You’ll see a nice list of some of our
latest popular products there, including
some that were on Warrior Plus and won
Deal of the Day honors, and some high-
commission offers, but I would suggest
you take a closer look at:

DAB Group Coaching – because it pays
recurring monthly commissions, and is
currently in early launch status, so
there’s a good deal of buzz about it.

The sales page is here:

It’s popular with buyers because it gives
high value, only costs $1.00 for a 7-day
trial to look inside, and it’s popular with
affiliates because most who sign up for the
trial offer end up staying members.

Also you should consider promoting
the DAB/IBU Affiliate Membership,
in order to get other marketers joined
to your affiliate account, so that the
2-tier commissions will kick in to pay
you when they make referrals.

Again, to join our new affiliate
program, and qualify for the 2-tier
commissions, go here:

Have a spectacular day.

Dennis Becker, the 5 Buck Guy”


Grow strong,

Barbara “More gigs!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps: see everything waiting…

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