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Quick Recap: => How to get others to create your $997 products for you

Hey there,


Barb Ling here and did you see this?




Hands Free $997 Product Creation Secrets


Your benefits:  You discover how Marlon has been able to sell *premium* products… by telling others how to make them (and keeping 100% of the profits!)




Brief, pithy and to the point:


Oh I love it whenever Marlon releases his goodies….


… I’ve been following him now since, hmmm…. 2001 and handsdown – he’s one of the most respected marketers in our industry!


And this latest goodie…




Let’s see – you’ll discover:


* His “Secret Sauce” for creating infoproducts largely hands off, so you can free up your time and energy to focus on what you enjoy!


* How to create quality products so you’re not selling subpar blahness – without doing the grunt work yourself


* The secrets of using Full time, Part Time, Local, Remote, Overseas Assistants at all price points…


* How to findo ut what Information buyers are craving to buy (and how to prove to yourself it will sell)…


* The secrets of UP SOURCING (ie, not merely outsourcing… pushing your deliverables UP the value chain!)


* How to use this system to create infoproducts that sell for $997 and more



What are you waiting for?



And the enhancements?


His Rising Tide Promotions…


… His Fast Start System….


(even PLR to his Profit Planner!)…




Start your journey here!



And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and receive my $297 3 Week Mastermind


eMail Marketing Phoenix


that teaches you exactly how I’ve been able to support my family via email marketing and product creation now for 5+ years!


Sounds good?  My gosh YES.


The man is a genius.


A literal genius.


Get this today!



Grow strong,


Barb “More Commissions!” Ling

Authority Marketing Innovator


ps –  Price increases with each sale so hurry!

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