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Hey there,

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7 Minute Content Magic – Value: $97  (it’s how I’ve been releasing daily grand content for over 700+ days)

100+ Evergreen Stand-Alone Trainings You Can Repurpose – Value: $497  (perfect for audio listening while at gym, waiting on lines, etc. – you can claim ownership)

Authority Marketing Strategy Pack – Value: $57  (quick reference to get all the answers!)

Authority Marketing Done For You Feedly Dashboards – Value: $297  (seriously… unbelievable value)

3 Years’ Worth of Earn1KaDay Transcripts – Value: $997  (even more than unbelievable)

30 Carefully Chosen Internet Marketing Content Prompts – Value: $150  (what are you waiting for?

==> That’s only the beginning of the $2,095 in value!

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