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Quick Recap: FIXED: 2018 OFFLINE SOFTWARE: Proposal Genie plus local client business machines?: Local Business Client Machine

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Hey there,

Barb Ling here and this just went live!

Proposal Genie Software

Want you... to uncover ALL of this?

Read his story:

"...==> Step 1: Find a Thirsty Market

I needed money right then and there. So, I didn't have time to educate or convince anyone about anything.

Because of this, I focused on selling only four, easy to understand core products. Products that potential clients already understood and knew they wanted.

I researched businessess before approaching them to make sure they really needed one of my core products.

The results were amazing!

==> Step 2: Use a Simple, No-Brainer Sales Presentation

I also didn't have time to chase people, call them back, nurture them, and all that stuff.

I needed sales now!

So, I created a very low-stress sales presentation that was designed merely to show prospects what I was selling and ask for the order.

No stress, no objection handling, nothing fancy!

Since I was only talking to businesses that really needed what I was selling, this too worked amazingly well!

My conversion rate was (and still is) huge!

Catch that HUGE conversion?

==> Step 3: Do NO Custom Work!

This is a biggie. It's not really a step, but it's so important that I included it as a step.

When I launched my business, I decided that I would do no custom work. Wouldn't do it even if it meant losing the sale!

Besides making my own work flow a breeze, doing this had two other huge impacts on my business.

I could charge slightly less because I knew that I could do the work in a fraction of the time that my competitors could.

When my business grew to the point that it was time to outsource, that transition was a breeze.

These first three steps allowed me to hit the ground running fast and start making real money right out of the gate.

Step 4, however, is what let me turn this all into a serious income very, very rapidly!

==> Step 4: Upsell Everyone to Recurring Income Products and Services

As I said, I sold (and still sell) only four products.

Once I landed a client for one product, I pitched them on any of the other three products that made sense to pitch. So, I always took a nice one-off sale and made double or even triple the money.

Catch those 4 products only?

And *here's where it gets really sweet*

I always pitched the client on the recurring income version of whatever they bought. At least half of my clients ended up with some sort of recurring income package from me. I've had many clients paying me upwards of $2000 per month for services which were very, very easy for me to fulfill. (Remember I only sold the easy stuff and did no customization.)

The Path to Six Figures

What I just outlined for you, these four steps, are incredibly powerful.

You can take what I've just shared with you and start making real money today.

Or if you want to know more, check out my new training and software product, Local Business Client Machine....

And the enhancements?

* A Done For You Package...

* Affordable Coaching

Start your journey here!

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Offline Marketing Strategy Pack

My own collection of the best offline tutorials around!

Sounds grand?  Indeed - Lee is known as a supremely quality offline product creator....

And this software automates a vast majority for you.


Grow strong,

Barb "More Buy Buttons!" Ling

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