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Quick Recap: Ends TONIGHT!! Chapter 3: This one thing is responsible for most (and GTA!). From “Here’s the secrets to my business”: Instant Product Lab Lite


Barb Ling here and it’s time for Chapter 3!

The one big huge thing that is responsible for much of my success….

… is that I take action on opportunities (like the resellers license that gives you 80% commissions below)… and…..

Take, for example, Grand Theft Auto 5.

It was updated in, hmmmm, 2013?

I created a bonus giveaway about making money with it….

(you can grab that over at ).

Take a look at it.

Everything up to page 9 I researched….

… and everything AFTER page 9 is directly from Wikipedia!

(remember I had mentioned they offered a super book creation tool back then?).

Alas, Wiki removed that tool a few years ago.

But your takeaway?

One of the BEST ways to increase your income is to see opportunity and then to take it!

For example, I build my list via product creation (I even do freebies, like:

(that gives you my top 3 ways of increasing affiliate commissions)

I also will ask to be on the backend of launches (so folks can get my bonuses as well)

And whenever I see something that’s bound to be a bestseller….

… I will make a product on it!

That’s one reason why the Instant Product Labs goodie is sooo useful:

==>  See it here  (pull in from 250K resources to make your own ebooks, get 80% commissions across entire funnel from resellers option)

Use coupon barbcoffee to take off big!

See, you can take text articles and make MS docs from them…

… copy/paste from Wiki and make MS docs from them….

… even use your OWN text articles too!

And as the product creator is always updating the database and abilities….

This is a tremendous evergreen product that you can use for months and years after (not to mention, get 80% of commissions via the resellers license and repromote as well!).


Even if you’re not ready to take action *today*….

It can be waiting for you tomorrow!

So invest in it so when you finally ARE ready to take action….

You have the software waiting for you.


And if you missed Chapter 2….


Barb Ling here and before I dive into Chapter 2….

… can you *believe* its Sept…

9 months of the year has gone bye bye!

Are you were you had hoped you’d be?  If not, not to fear….

… you still have the rest of 2017 to make it happen!

* * *


Chapter 2!

Another secret to my success is that I have no problems embracing the fact I like working from home.

I *like* making money online!

I’m not ashamed of that at all.

Working from home enables me to send all  my kids to college….

… enables me to collapse in a heap when I’m not optimal….

And lots of other goodies!

So yep.

I like earning money online.

Embracing that makes me ‘way more open to considering all the opportunities that come my way.

Why is that important?

Well, when you’re open to profit, you don’t waste your time with sour grapes.

You examine it… instead of making fun of it.

I mean, you must have seen people on FB making fun of newbie-centric offers, right?

That really does baffle me.

Just because something might not appeal to ME….

…. doesn’t mean it won’t appear to someone else!

Why make fun of what works for other people?

Truly confusing.

So how do I stay alert to opportunities to profit?

Well, first of all, I monitor what’s going live on Muncheye (the place where you can see product launches).

And if I think it will be beneficial to my audience, I’ll request permission to promote it.

(are you afraid to approach product creators and ask permission?   If so, grab my paid “How to get JVs” cheathsheet over at – no optin, no nothing, just click, save and enjoy!)

But I digress.

Another way that I stay open to increased profits is to see if launches include resell rights within the funnel.

For example, Instant Product Lab (which is increasing in price tonight at 11:59pm), has as an upsell….

… a $297 done for you/resellers license!

This will increase your commissions from 50% to 80% across the funnel.

Now, this is an evergreen offer…. so you can promote it for the rest of the year!  Get the insider goodness at:

==>  See it here (increases tonight, 11:59pm! (pull in from 250K resources to make your own ebooks)

Use coupon barbcoffee to take off big!

* * *

So what’s your takeaway?

The people who are successful online… do not *judge* others.

They accept that we’re all unique and all have different goals….

… and they NEVER waste time making fun of others.

They put their energies into supporting their families instead!

That takes care of chapter 2 – when you hear from me next, I’ll share what has been one of my biggest reasons for success to date.

See you then!

And if you missed Chapter 1…..

Chapter 1!

Folks have been asking me just what are the secrets to my business.

So today, I’ve decided to write 5 chapters about it…. and send them to you!

Let’s begin with my main secret:

I don’t CARE what people think of me.

‘Tis a simple thing you’d think….

…. but when you’re just starting out, it can be VERY scary to believe in yourself.

Case in point… you might have noticed that I might email people….

… more than once a day.

How many marketers do you know who do that?

EVERYONE and their coffeecup says, no no no, don’t do that, you might annoy your subscribers and stuff!

To which I say, decaf coffee to you!

See… it is an honor and a privilege for me to have people on my list.

At the same time….

I firmly believe its an honor and a privilege for people to BE on my list.

It’s a 2 day street!

I offer daily inspiration, superb goodies and much much more….

… and if people don’t like that, they are welcome to leave.

I *vividly* remember back in 2013…

… I decided to try a different way of marketing.

And my income plummeted.

I was very sad!

And then (I’ll never forget this), then one of my kids told me:

“Mom, you KNOW what works for you… why don’t you just get back to doing it?”

The heavens opened….

The angels sang….

… and I haven’t looked back since.

So!  One of the biggest secrets to my success is internalizing the following:

I don’t CARE what people think of me.

I HIGHLY encourage you to feel the same way about yourself.

If what you do… WORKS….

To hell with what other people say!!

I call this “Living in my own little marketing bubble.”   Have you seen some of the drama on FB in our industry?

Folks will be successful, and then others will rag on them simply to be a mob and icky-poo.


So sad.

I ignore that.

I do what works for me!

You *must* sing your own song too….

And I’ll help you with that in Chapter 2!

Now, these 5 chapters you’re going to be reading….

They will all close with my promo for Instant Product Lab – price is zooming up tonight and it is simply one of the BEST tools/resources/etc. that I have seen to date.

And I even have a personal coupon for you – barbcoffee!

The product by itself is amazing (and if you’re an affiliate marketer, if you buy the resell rights for $297, your commissions get bumped up to 80%!  This is an EVERGREEN product so it can make you quite the profit during the rest of the year).

Here’s the lowdown:


==>  Instant Product Lab (pull in from 250K resources to make your own ebooks)

Use coupon barbcoffee to take off big!

Your Benefits:  You get your hands on software that automatically creates products for you!


Brief, pithy and to the point…

I mentioned this 4 days ago when it went live….

… and it’s flown off the shelves and for very good reason!

==>  You can use the PLR you already own!

Use coupon barbcoffee to take off big!

So you can make your own ebooks/giveaways/optins…..

See everything you get like:

* Newbie friendly cloud based web app that creates products in under 60 seconds

* Creates products in the form of ebooks, PDFs, lead magnets that can be either sold or given away

* Draws content for a library of over 250,000 PLR articles, with more being added

* Use other peoples content LEGALLY so you never have to write a word of your own if you hate writing!

* All it takes is a few clicks of a mouse

* Finished products can be give away for free viral traffic

* Or they can be sold for profit

Either way, these products are great as lead magnets to help build your list!

You could share their finished products on sides like slideshare for free traffic…

…No need to pay for expensive products or designers

…The ebooks/products can have affiliate links inside them to help you make money

…Finished ebooks/products are hosted on their servers meaning you don’t need your own hosting or anything like that!

…No website needed and no tech skills needed

And the enhancements?

GOLD version that includes ebook cover, landing page creation…..

… Thank you creation…..

A Done for You Package!  (highly recommended if you’re not comfy making it on yourown)

==>  Start your journey here

Use coupon barbcoffee to take off big!

And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive my own $297 Product Creation 3 week mastermind course…

… complete with MY templates!

Sounds good?    I think so – this software lets you create products without writing a word of your own….

What’s not to adore?


Grow strong,

Barbara “More buy buttons!” Ling

==> Ends TONIGHT!

Use coupon barbcoffee to take off big!

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