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ps – here are just SOME of the topics:

Killer Openers In Sales Letters

Here is a sneaky technique that will guarantee you never are stumped with how to open your sales copy again!

How to Overcome Skepticism

Your prospect needs three things before they will buy from you. First, they have to want what you offer. Second, they have to afford it. Third, they have to believe you deliver on your claims. That’s called skepticism. Here are some practical solutions to turn those prospects into buyers.

An Advanced Sales Tactic – The Red Herring

Here is a way to close clients, to present the price of your information product and a whole lot more using a “relative comparison” technique. This is slick and diabolical, and the result is that it makes your offer look like a deal – no matter what price you charge for it.

How to Write Sales Letters In Your Head

Jason is a copywriting madman who once wrote 7 sales letters in 30 hours. You can only do this if you know a technique for writing them out in your head first. Here’s your chance to learn how…

Jason Fladlien’s Success In 20 Minutes

Jason breaks down the five levels of success to you in 20 minutes, and how you can hit all five at the same time!

The Commitment & Consistency Principle

Jason discusses perhaps the most powerful persuasion element of all time – and how to systematize it, to get people to build up a “self image” that is in alignment to purchasing products from you.

Why Ethics In Business Is Over-rated

First of all, most people misunderstand what “ethics” in business really are. Second, they are not even that important to focus on. If you focus on profits the RIGHT way, you will automatically align yourself to run your business ‘ethically”.

What To Do When Starting At Ground Zero

New to the Internet marketing game? Or been in it a while and still have nothing to show for it? It’s time you take control of your Internet marketing destiny. Jason lays out what every beginner should do if they’re starting at ground zero

The Real Truth About The Law Of Reciprocity

There are two ways to use the law of reciprocity – there is the typical way, and there there is the “exponential way”. Modern day consumers have grown old of the typical way… so here’s a better strategy for tapping into this powerful persuasion tool.

A Better Way To Get Copywriting Clients

Most marketers try to teach you the “traditional” prospecting way to get copywriting clients. Jason advises you don’t listen to them. Do this instead…


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The Glory of Grunt Work

There are certain kinds of “grunt work” that attracts money. Few people do these tasks, and therefore few people end up rich. Jason isolates what these tasks are, and gives you strategies so you get pleasure from actually doing them.

Alternative Article Marketing Strategies

If you’re just using ezine articles and other article directories, you’re missing the boat. Here are some simple article marketing strategies that will get you a lot more exposure – and traffic – that traditional article marketing.

How to Conduct Ask Campaigns

Sometimes the best way to give your list exactly what they want is to simply ask them what they want. However, there is more to it than that. Here is the straight-talk truth about ask campaigns and when you should consider using them.

Creating Impossible To Ignore Hooks

In order to be successful in marketing, you need to stand out from the crowd. You do that with hook. Jason shares his master list of 8 hooks, and how to use them to create marketing communications that are impossible to ignore.

How to Sell Solutions Instead Of Products

This simple “focus shift” was the copywriting and marketing breakthrough Jason needed to take his business from 5K a month to 10K a month. Follow along so you can experience that same “focus shift”

A Guide To Positioning & Branding

Does branding have a place in Internet marketing? And if so, where? Well, it does, but not where most people think. Positioning is also extremely valuable to use to gain market share. Figure out how an Internet market can tap into both successfully.

How to Be An Offline Consultant

Offline consulting is a gold mine, even for struggling online Internet marketers. But not everyone has what it takes. Watch this seminar to see if you are up for the challenge to mine the gold in offline consulting.

The Key to Joint Ventures

Joint venture traffic is great because you leverage someone else to deliver a flood of traffic to your website for you, then just give them a cut of the profits. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Here’s the real way to tap into joint ventures and use them in your business.

Master Story Telling In 7 Days Or Less

We are a culture that is conditioned to respond to stories. They are what really make your marketing stand out, grab attention and “sell” the reader on your offer. Most people think they can’t tell a good story… but it’s simple once you know a few formulas. Watch this seminar to find out what those formulas are.

Two Best Online Business Models

If you want to break down how to make money online, it usually falls into one of two business models. Discover what those business models are, and use them in your own business to make it much more profitable.

Creating A Responsive List

Your list is going to be the best traffic you get – if you treat them right. Here is how you build a relationship of trust and quality, so you can get insane conversion rates on your offers to your lists.

Customer Service For Internet Marketers

Customer service is a necessary evil for most Internet marketers. How do you handle it most efficiently, and more important how do you turn it into a stream of income? This seminar will show you how.

One Time Offer Strategies

Jason shares with you some simple ways to squeeze out an extra couple thousand dollars with every offer you make… even if you don’t have more than one product to offer. If one time offers were a mystery to you before, they no longer will be after watching this seminar.

How to Overcome Negative Conditioning

You parent, teachers, friends and well wishers have probably led you astray. If you grew up in a normal society, you were programmed to think negatively. That is the biggest barrier to success in business. Figure out how to overcome it by listening to this seminar.

The Ultimate Niche Market Research Plan

One of the biggest struggling points online marketers have is locating and exploiting a profitable niche. After watch this seminar, that should no longer be a problem at all. It all starts with picking the right niche. Here is how you do it…

Problem Solving Strategies For You And Your Clients

Internet marketing boils down to solving problems. You should have a good strategy for doing so – both for yourself and for your customers. Jason discusses with you his strategies that have not only made him very successful, but also an in demand coach s well.

All About Email Headlines And Topics

Headlines and your topic selection are two of the most important elements in your email marketing. Headlines especially – there is a whole new approach Jason has invented for email headline writing that you should adopt and use in your own business. Learn all about it when you watch this seminar.

How to Get A Flood Of Good Ideas

There is one simple way to attract “good ideas” to you without even trying. And it’s not what you probably think. Jason shares with you strategies for getting hundreds of great ideas effortlessly.

The Art Of Controversy

Using controversy in marketing can be a double edged sword. It can either get amazing results, or make you look like an idiot, and have you lose a ton of credibility. Jason discusses with you the “art” of judiciously using controversy to get better results with your online business.

Using the Telephone To Enhance Internet Marketing

When most people think of Internet marketing, they only think of computers. And that’s a pity because there is a goldmine of potential when you combine the power of the Internet with a telephone. And no, where’ not talking about telemarketing. Something much more profitable than that…


==> See the above HERE!


The Secret Of Three Modalities

Jason Fladlien is a master at crafting irresistible offers. He uses a secret technique called “Three Modalities” to do so. Discover what it is, and be amazed at how easy it is for anyone to use.

How to Handle Failure

Fear of failure is the number 1 problem that causes Internet marketers to procrastinate. Jason shares with you no-nonsense strategy for diffusing this fear of failure, and instead focus on a more resource mind state.

Dollar Per Subscriber Case Study

Jason built a list of over 3,000 people in 10 days using a “dollar giveaway” offer to recruit JV partners. Was it worth it? Did he end up losing a ton of money? Is it something he’d recommend to others?

How to Use Webinars For Marketing

Jason credits webinars for a large portion of his 100K plus income in 2008. In this interview he shows you how he used them for marketing to break the 10k a month ceiling he had been previously struggling with.

More Copywriting Clients

Are you a copywriting trying to land more gigs? Or would you like to jump into the exciting and lucrative field of freelancing copywriting? Jason shows you the best ways to accomplish this.

Package Selling Vs. Cafeteria Selling

Must marketers don’t even know the difference… and that’s a shame because there are some simple ways to tweak the presentations of your offer to get the highest perception of value… find out how, and when the best time it is to use these techniques.

All About Interviews

Robert interviews Jason about giving great interviews, and also how go out and interview other people. Straight to the point and filled with actionable information.

How to Get Massive Responses From Your Emails

Want people to take you up on your call to action in your email? There are simple ways to make this happen. Never send out an email again that is met with the “crickets chirping”. Instead, use it to get valuable feedback, to have people post to your blogs in record numbers, and buy your stuff!

How to Work For Long Stretches Of Time

Have a looming deadline you must meet? Or would you just like to kick your productivity into hyper drive for a short period of time? Then this is the seminar you need to watch. Listen in as Jason tells you how he once worked for 20 hours straight.

Money Making Firsts

In this seminar Jason talks about the first dollar he made online, first $1,000, first $1,000 in a month, first 5k in a month, first 10k in a month and beyond. He breaks down what was different for each milestone, and how he was able to reach them.

Best Investment In Internet Marketing With Jason Fladlien

Jason breaks down what his best Internet marketing invest of all time where – and surprisingly, they are NOT what you think. In fact most of them are not related to the Internet at all. He also gives some sound advice that should help you spend your cash wisely when buying Internet marketing material.

All About Headlines

Beside your offer, the headline is the most important element of your sales copy, and is by far the most important element in email writing and article marketing. Check out this seminar as Jason walks you through his techniques he uses to create headlines for any occasion, and what his secret weapon is.

How to Double Your Article Marketing Output

Jason shows you 3 separate strategies, that when combined together should allow you to double you article marketing output. He gets into presentation styles, outline methods, and how to “leverage” existing content to create 100% unique content.

How to Recruit Affiliates

One of the best ways to take your business to the next level is to recruit and train affiliates. It’s not easy… but it can be made systematic with the right approach. Listen to this seminar as Jason shares with you his techniques for hooking affiliates in, and persuading them to promote.

Jason Fladlien Typical Work Day

How does Jason start his day? What are the tasks he focuses on? What you can take away from this and implement into your own daily schedule? A lot. One of the biggest secrets to success and productivity is the paradoxical concept of regimentation mixed with flexibility. Learn from a real world pro.

Neurological Chemical Theory of Human Behavior

Have you ever wondered what motivates you, and what makes you act a certain way? Jason Fladlien did, which allowed him to develop a theory that since has been “proven” to work.

It’s all about how you brain interprets the environment and then triggers certain chemicals to be released in your body which makes you feel a certain way. This is important, because if you want to feel confident, focused, happy, or whatever, you’ll know discover an easy way to do so when you watch this seminar.

Organize Your Business For Max Productivity

Getting a lot done has little to do with strategy, and mostly to do with optimizing your work environment and your “internal environment”. Listen in on this seminar as Jason walks you through the best process for organizing your business in a way to achieve peek productivity.

Best IM Business Models For Beginners

One of the biggest reasons people fail to make money online is they either don’t understand the concept of a good business model, or they don’t even know what one is, or how to work it.

Jason did this seminar to give you the best business models to use if you’re just starting out in Internet marketing, so you can get it right right away. This is valuable stuff for anyone – beginner or expert alike.

The Proper Internet Marketing Mind State

When it comes to successful in marketing, mind state is more important than information. The greatest information in the world is worthless if you can’t motivate yourself to act on it.

In this seminar, Jason shares with you what mind states you need to acquire, and gives a systematic approach for obtaining those few, valuable mind states.

Technicalities Of Doing Interviews

Here is a seminar Jason conducted on the technical aspects of recording interviews. Interviews are some of the best and easiest information products to create, but most people never use them because they are scared of how to get started.

Jason solves all your technical problems for you, so you can jump into the interview game and use it to immediately grow your business.

What To Know Before Joining A Coaching Program

Can you benefit from a coaching program? Probably. But only if you approach it the right way. In this seminar, Jason breaks down for you who should and shouldn’t consider a coaching program… and if you do get coaching, how to get the most value out of it.

How to Make A Difference In Someone’s Life

Jason Fladlien examines some of the “hidden” values you as an Internet marketer bring to the table. Once you know these hidden values, you can make your marketing more impactful to your audience. These are ways to enhance your customer relationships that your competition is probably unaware of.

Building A Responsive Email List From Scratch

The most valuable asset you have in your online business is your email list. It’s the best targeted prospects for your offers, and it’s instant traffic in a click of a button. Don’t have a list yet?

No worries. Just watch this seminar and discover not only how to build an email list – but train them to be responsive to your offers.

Give Your List What They Want

This is a seminar that shows you how to uncover the exact needs of your list, and then use those “hot buttons” to present to them offers that they can’t refuse.

Should You Use Solo Ezine Ads

Ezine ads are a great way to get traffic, and it’s a strategy often over looked by most marketers. However, there are times when you should – and times when you shouldn’t – use this strategy. In this seminar, we cover everything you need to know to profit from Ezine ads.

Daily Video Challenge

This is Robert’s exact plan to getting you in the habit of recording one video per day. That way you can bang out info products quickly, create instant ride along joint ventures, and enhance your existing offers with easy bonuses.


You should be anti-email, sprint instead of jog, talk less and eat a frog. These are just some of the suggestions Robert has for you to motivate you to get more done. This is a real eye-opener…

The Refund Handbook

Refunders are a dime a dozen in Internet marketing. Jason and Robert deal with them on a daily basis. How do you cut down on your refund rates, and how do you handle refund requests? Check out this seminar to find out…

Simple Copywriting Solutions

Robert presents 17 immediate copywriting solutions that should solve your biggest copywriting and conversion problems.

Tax Deduction Secrets

The IRS is the enemy of the online business person. Robert Plank knows this because he was once stiffed with a bill around 20K. Now he knows how to be more savvy about it, as he shares with you his tax deduction secrets…

Twitter Profits

Everything you need to know about twitter, all in one single place. From how to automate it, what plug ins to use, as well as how to use it to get joint ventures and even for customer support.

They Stole My Product Idea!

Did you know idea theft is NOT plagiarism? There is really no stopping the copy-cats… or is there? Actually there is a brilliant marketing strategy that can, and you need to add it to your arsenal immediately.

Article Action Plan

Robert shares with you his plan – how to get 90 articles on Ezine Articles in 90 days, 270 forum posts over the next 30 months, and 90 camtasia videos distributed to youtube. He breaks it down for you exactly and how he – and anyone for that matter – can accomplish this goal.

Forum Marketing For Idiots

Most people waste their time on forums, or if they do anything constructive at all, they don’t get much traffic – or profit – from it. Robert is different, and his forum marketing methods have made him tens of thousands of dollars. In this seminar, he shares his secrets with you.

Copywriting Lightning Round

Is Robert advocating short form copy? Yes, but with a twist. This is perfect for anybody who is in a copywriting rut.

Video marketing On Crack

Robert shows you how to never run out of ideas for videos, the exact formats you should use for your videos depending on the situation, the technical aspects, and how to use videos to fuel your marketing.

Day Job Retirement

Robert Plank is a bit of a dolt when it comes to his day job. Dude kills it online but is still afraid to let go. What’s holding him back? Listen to his “exit strategy”, and also the system he provides for anyone who wants to retire from their day job and work at Internet marketing full time.

Overnight Blogging

Do you know RATGUM? You will after watching this video. It’s a six prong strategy you can use so you never have to worry about blog content again. Check it out…

Amazon S3 Tactics

Amazon has it’s own hosting service, and it’s a fantastic tool because of it’s scalability – you only pay for what you use. However, there are a few technical hurdles you must first overcome to use this – Robert breaks it down for you how to easily utilize this killer hosting tool.

Popup Tactics

16 killer pop up secrets waiting for you to exploit them. Including exit bribe pop up, walk on video pop up, floating video, “slide ups”, forced squeezes and more!

Quick Conversion Tips

Robert discusses several ways to easily boost your conversions, including using the telephone, a special kind of “thank you” card, webinars, call in days and more.

Turk Profits

Robert shows you how to make money using amazon’s “mechanical turk” crowd sourcing service… you can literally pay people a quarter a task to automate your business for you.

Seminar Tactics

Robert discusses what how to get the most out of an internet marketing seminar if it’s your first time attending. He tells you how to locate the best events, what events to avoid and what things to avoid at internet marketing seminar events, what you need to know before going and more.

Webinar Battle Plan

Webinars are an extremely valuable tool for you business. Robert gives you the scoop on the best way to host your first webinar… and mistakes you should avoid that Robert and Jason have committed in the past.

Your First 100 Dollar Day

What would you do if you needed a quick $100 to stay alive, but had no list, no name recognition or any resources? The answer will surprise you…

Blogging Lightning Round

Everything a beginner needs to know about blogging condensed into a fast-paced, short seminar. Includes what plugins to use, how to get traffic and what pitfalls to avoid.

cPanel Exposed

Robert shares with you some technical aspects of Internet marketing as they relate to cpanels and how you can use them for one button, instant installs, to password protect content, make affiliate redirects in seconds, and more!

Software Principles In Internet Marketing

What Robert learned about Internet marketing while developing software. How the “hallway test” changed the way he did business, what the concept of feature creep is, and the ever elusive “waterfall” model…

How to Give Testimonials

Why should you learn how to give good testimonials, or even mess with it? Actually there are a number of reasons why — especially when it comes to setting up joint ventures. Check out how to maximize your chances with this seminar…

Accountability Partners

Robert shares with you his secret resource for getting so much done is so little time. It’s strategic use of accountability partners to make sure you hit all your goals. You’ll want to get your hands on this one.

How to Get Crazy Good At Interviews

Robert Plank shares with you all his techniques for giving great interviews, and also interviewing other people as well. Check it out, you’re guaranteed to learn a thing or two.

Bare Essence Copywriting Part 1

Here’s a formula you can use to write a sales letter just by answering a few questions. Robert walks you through the 8 questions you must answer, and how you can then transform them into a sales letter.

Bare Essence Copywriting Part 2

Robert shows you how he writes a sales letter in one hour, live and right in front of you, using a copywriting formula that Jason created.

Three Newbie Mistakes Robert Plank Committed

What was Robert’s biggest mistake when he first started out in Internet marketing? You’ll discover that in this seminar, and what he did to correct them. This is also the debut of the infamous “monorail technique”.

YouTube Tactics

Robert shares with you 12 tasty tactics for getting traffic and sales from your videos. Included are how to disable related videos, how to “url-ize” everything, how to use video responses to “steal” traffic and more…


==> See the above HERE!


June 2008 To January 2009

Robert Plank shares the 15 things he changed during this period of time to have his most profitable six months ever in internet marketing.

PHP Troubleshooting

Robert shares with you what to do when a script you have purchased doesn’t work. 5 Simple ways to correct tech problems so you can immediately put that script to use for you…

Five Basic Internet Marketing Tools

What are the five tools you need before you can even dream of being successful with Internet marketing? 2 of them that made the list might surprise you…

Essential Internet Marketing Software

You don’t need tons of programs or “special software” for Internet marketing. All you really need are a few software programs… Robert tells you the best types of software to use, and how to avoid getting distracted by flashy software that doesn’t do much for your business.

Getting Started As A Freelance Programmer

Should you use freelance sites to land gigs? What about forums? Robert shares with you the best places to make money as a freelancer, and gives you a day by day breakdown of how to get into the freelance programming business.

Adopting A Low Information Diet

Most people have too much information swimming around in their had. That’s actually worse than having too little information. The best balance is to have the right information, and as little of it as required. Discover how to achieve this balance…

Creating Lots Of Content Quickly

Content is king, as cliche as that sounds. And one of the best competitive advantages on the Internet is having the ability to knock out high quality content at will. Robert shares with you his process which has allowed him to create over 100 products, and countless articles and blog posts.

Best Investments In Internet Marketing W/ Robert Plank

Robert contrasts his best investments by showing you his worst investments first. That is a lot to be learned from his mistakes. Robert learned from them, and now makes extremely intelligent decisions when it comes to investing in his Internet business. Check it out in this seminar.

Important Lessons From Internet Marketing Mentors

Robert has had some strange and “unknown” Internet marketing mentors help him go from a PHP goof to a bona fide, A-level Internet marketer. He shares with you in this seminar what he learned from those little-known mentors.

How to Launch A New Product Every 7 Days

Robert Plank created 52 new products in 2008 – that’s an average of one a week. And he had a day job, too! How’d he do it? In step by step fashion that’s how. Discover his steps for yourself when you watch this seminar.

Preparing for a 30K Month

Listen in as Robert talks about how he is going to make 30K in a single month.. you’ll discover all his different monetization strategies he plans on using, and also his “emergency plan b” to ensure he meets his goal.

7 Ways To Enhance A Sales Letter With PHP

Robert shows you simple ways to use PHP to personalize your sales letter with that person’s first name, how to do “special automated” sales, geotargeting by location, how to track visitor habits, split-testing and more!

Super High Impact Front ends

There is a good idiom in Internet marketing – if you’re making money on the front-end, you’re not trying hard enough. Robert talks about this, and how to use it to actually create a real business, where your front end fuels your whole business. Nice! Even better, he shows you 6 different ways to do it.

How to Use PHP to Increase Your Email Membership

Robert shows you some sneaky yet simple ways to use PHP to build a mailing list, and keep people on it for a really long time. Things discussed include how to get people who comment on your blog to join your list, how to prevent refunds, and how to automatically add buyers to a special segmented list

How to Run A Warrior Forum Special Offer

Robert Plank has launched around 100 warrior forum special offers in his life. He might very well be the reigning authority on the subject. Get all his insight and experience in this webinar.

Advanced List Building Techniques

Do you know what a “second-half” article is? If not, you should because it’s a great way to build your list. And that’s just one of several techniques Robert shows you in this action-packed webinar. He even shares with you a technique that most marketers run away from… because they don’t think it works. But it does work… extremely well. Check it out.

Learn 80% of PHP in 20 Minutes

PHP can be quite confusing. But that’s okay, you don’t need to know about all that geeky tech stuff anyway. Just the stuff that can make you money. And most of that is really easy. Robert breaks it down in “straight talk” for you so you can get pretty much everything you need from PHP in one short sitting.

Convert Failure Into Success

Robert starts out this webinar with a shocking demonstration – he lists several big names, and asks what they all have in common? The answer was that at one point they went bankrupt How did they recover? Robert shares with you their strategies and gives you advice on how to turn every “failure” into a success.


==> See the above HERE!


Javascript Copywriting

Robert uses plain speak to explain the pros and cons of JavaScript as it relates to sales letters. Then he shows you how to use it for pop up boxes, headline countdowns, autoresponder personalization and more.

Reactivating A Dead Customer List

It’s a shame but it happens — someone builds a list, and then let’s it go cold. What do you do in this scenario? A reactivation campaign! Robert gives you six steps on how to do it, and also shares with you the most important thing you MUST do to revive a dead list.

Most Burning PHP Questions

Why should you use PHP at all? Isn’t HTML enough? In reality, you need both if you want to really do it right in Internet marketing. Robert answers all the most important questions about PHP for you, and sets the record straight once and for all.

Advanced RSS Tactics

Even if you don’t know what RSS is, you should watch this video. It shows you how to use RSS to automate your contact, build a list, and get your more traffic. And that’s something we all need…

Clickbank Tactics Part 1

Want to find the perfect product to promote on clickbank? There are 7 requirements that must be meant. Robert shares each of these with you, and shows you how to use clickbank to attract affiliates to promote YOUR products.

Clickbank Tactics Part 2

Most people think you can’t sell physical products via clickbank – and those people are wrong. That’s just one of many things most people don’t know about clickbank, or were just misinformed.

Robert gives you the real inside look into clickbank, and how to use it both as an affiliate to get affiliates.

Office Hours

Jason treats his online business seriously – and so should you. After all, it’s your livelihood, not a hobby. Jason discusses how he sets up a schedule that’s both fun and productive.

Brainstorming Session

Robert and Jason bounce ideas of each other, until they come across a little know “Japanese power point” technique that gets them more excited than giggly little school girls. Check out how they use this idea to launch an action plan.

Biggest Online Mistakes

Robert and Jason discuss the biggest online mistakes they see Internet marketers make on a continual basis. Safe-proof yourself from these mistakes, and success will automatically follow.

PLR Secrets

How did Robert get a 4000% return on a PLR product in just 24 hours? And how did he get almost 100 testimonials from another PLR product? Find out how when you listen to this interview.

Follow Up Marketing

Okay, so you got them to sign up for your list and/or buy something. What do you do next? This is the single most important question you need to answer for your Internet marketing business.

Instant Product Creation

Robert prods Jason to share his product creation formula that has allowed him to create dozens of products in less than 48 hours time.

How Robert Plank Made His First Dollars Online

Every successful marketer remembers the first time they earned a dollar online. It’s a monumental event, because it shows you what’s possible. Listen in as Robert shares with you his “first time”…

Blog Importance

This answers the question on why everyone should have a blog. However you have to be aware of “over exposure” as well. It’s a double edge sword. Here’s how you enjoy the benefits without the drawbacks.

Jason Fladlien Typical Work Week

What does Jason accomplish in a typical work? What’s his work routine? How does he schedule his tasks, projects and business management? He’ll share that with you and give you an excellent model to follow.

Plank On Video

How to use video to increase your sales, to enhance your offer, and to use as proof to demonstrate the claims in your sales letters. Plus a whole heap more in this interview.

Jason Fladlien 30 Day Challenge

What would Jason do if he lost all his contacts, his list, his products and his reputation? He shares with you two strategies… one of them doesn’t even involve a computer. Both are “outside of the box” to say the least.

Robert Plank’s Blog Get Massive Traffic

Need traffic to your blog? Then you want to listen to this interview. Robert talks about how he optimizes his blog to “pick off” search engine traffic, and some cool plugins he employs to attract even more traffic.

Secrets Behind A 16K Month

Jason grills Robert on a recent successful month where Robert cleared 16,000 grand. What Jason uncovered was one commonality found in all of Robert’s major profit streams for that month…

Killer Offers Part 1

Robert talks about how he stacks his offer so he can sell large amounts of product even with sub-standard copy. Listen how he “buys up” bonuses, and uses 3 different types of scarcity to send his email list into a buying frenzy.

Killer Offers Part 2

Robert shares a “bonus” with your here, as he talks about a certain type of incentivized offer. What you can offer to people as a “bribe” that isn’t money… but has a higher perceived calue… and how anyone can overcome sucky copywriting with a killer offer.


Robert interviews Jason about coaching… how to do it, why everyone should consider it, and how to use it maximize the profits in all aspects of your business.

Robert Plank 30 Day Challenge

What if Robert lost it all – his money, his list, his contacts and his products? What would he do to get it back up again and start making profit within the next 30 days. find out in this interview.

Robert Plank & Jason Fladlien On Internet Seminars

Robert and Jason discuss – together – how they’ve made thousands of dollars going to Internet marketing seminars, and all the “hidden benefits” associated with seminars, and also explain who should and shouldn’t attend them.

Should you go to an Internet marketing seminar? It depends. Robert explains who should and shouldn’t attend, and how to get the most out of Internet marketing seminars.

Be A Success Part 1

Jason gets really candid here on what it takes to be a success. This isn’t your typical wishy washy stuff you’re used to hearing from washed up gurus. This is real world, no excuses allowed success information that everyone needs to hear.

Be A Success Part 2

The second part of an interview where Jason goes in depth on what it takes to be a success in anything. This is a real interview with no punches pulled or any sugar coating. That’s what makes is so valuable.

Robert Plank Timeline: 2004 to 2006

The early years in Robert’s business. Did he struggle? How did he take it to the next level? Listen in to this very entertaining and informative interview to find the answers to those questions and more…

Robert Plank Timeline: 2007 to 2008

Robert shares with you where he was in the year 2007 and how his business progressed and evolved into the highly successful business he has todays. There are several great takeaways on this interview.

Jason’s First Days

How did Jason get into Internet marketing? What did he first focus on, and how did it work for him? How would he do it differently if he had to start over again? you’ll find out when you listen to this interview.

Jason’s First Copywriting Adventures

How did Jason get into copywriting and what made him so good at it? Listen and prepared to be amazed as he shares with you insight you can only get from being in the field first hand.

Double Your Money Back Guarantees

Your guarantee is one of your strongest selling points. Jason discussed with you an unusual, but highly effective strategy for using “double your money back” guarantees to increase your conversion rates.

1000 Dollars Per Hour With Product Launches

Robert tells you how he uses product launches to earn over $1,000 per hour of work put in. It’s all about working smart, not hard. Discover exactly how he does it in this interview.

How to Handle Customer Support

Customer support can be a nightmare, if you don’t have a plan on how to effectively deal with it. And with the right plan you can even profit from it. Find out how…

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Why you should be very stringent about affiliate marketing, if you have a list. Your list is your baby, and you wouldn’t leave your baby with a stranger, would you? Instead, here are some better affiliate marketing tactics that get the same results…

Personal Bio And Subscriber Page

By accident one day Robert Plank stumbled upon Jason’s “secret bio page”. This intrigued and fascinated him, so he asked Jason how it was working for him. Jason responded with some unbelievable results… all from a bio page crafted with a certain “formula”. Check it out…

JV Giveaway Marketing

JV giveaways are about the easiest way to add 150-300 subscribers to your email list for about ten minutes of work. Listen as Robert interviews Jason on the do’s and don’ts of giveaway marketing.

What We Want To Know About PHP

Robert Plank is probably the foremost authority on marketing with PHP. Jason knows nothing about it. That’s why this is a great interview, because Jason asks Robert about the benefits of PHP, and comes from a complete beginner mentality.

Before the 30k Month

Robert and Jason have decided they are shooting for a goal of breaking $30,000 in a single month. They discuss how they are going to do it. Each has a unique plan, and each “borrows” from the other as well. This is your chance to spy in on high level brainstorming sessions between two successful Internet marketers.

Jason Fladlien IM Predictions

What did Jason predict would happen in 2009? And how much of came true thus far? Listen in to his insightful predictions, and find out what he means when he says “just go low and go high – forget the middle…”

Negotiation Secrets

Robert interviews Jason, who shares 3 simple but effective tips to use when negotiating what you want. In business, you enter into negotiations all the time. Jason only knows three techniques to negotiate for what he wants, but they are very effective. Check this one out!

Day Job And Internet Marketing

How do you transition from a full time day job to internet marketing, and make the transition successful? Robert and Jason have the answers for you in this interview. Also, they discuss how to use time constraints to your advantage, and how to know if you have what it takes to even do IM full time.

30K Month Week 1

Here’s an interview where Robert and Jason discuss the results of the first week of their attempt to do 30k in one single month. Who’s on track and who isn’t? Have they changed their plan because of the results of the first week? Listen in and find out!

What To Do When The Money Comes In Fast

Robert Plank went from a PHP Nerd to a very affluent individual in a short amount of time. How did he keep the money from changing him? How did he manage to handle it responsibly? What were the negatives he faced when the money came in fast? Listen to this interview and find out.

Turn Time Wasters Into Money Makers

Forums, emails, blogs and other distractions… how do you safe-proof yourself from them? And more importantly, turn them into tasks that actually make you profit? Robert has the solution, and he shares it with you in this interview.

Life Tips Jason Learned From A House Painter

Jason was lucky to have a personal mentor early on in his career. This mentor came from the strangest of all places — he owned his own painting company. Listen to this interview as Jason discusses the life lessons his mentor shared with him, and how you can benefit from them as well.

The 9 in 9 Method For Your Product Line

Jason shares with you how to “plot” out your marketing funnel with a simple formula he has developed. It will show you the best strategies for creating your products in a way that they funnel your prospect to exactly where you want them to go.

Perfect Formula For Resale Rights Sales Letters

Selling resale rights off from your existing products is about the easiest way to make a quick couple thousand dollars. Robert does it all the time. He does it in a very specific way, with a very specific type of sales letter. Listen to this interview as he shares his methods with you.

How to Outsource Software Development

Software is some of the easiest stuff to sell on the Internet, because it’s a lot sexier than a plain old information public. If you need to get software created, but can’t do it yourself, this is the interview you must listen to. Robert talks from experience as he tells you the best way to outsource your software development.

100 Videos In A Day Challenge

Jason throws down the gauntlet on Robert – and challenges him to try to create 100 videos in a single day. Listen to the guidelines Jason sets for this challenge, and how Robert uses them to create his own plan for creating 100 videos in a single day.

Tiny List, Big Profits

How did Jason pull over 100k from a list of less than 2,000? Not by doing your average email marketing tactics. Listen in on this interview as Jason shares with Robert his advanced relationship building techniques, and how you can use them in your own business.

Three Newbie Mistakes Online

Robert cornered Jason on this interview, and made him come clean with all the stupid stuff he did when just getting started in Internet marketing. Jason reveals it all – the warts, the flaws, the blemishes. Then he contrasts that with when things really “clicked” and transformed him into a successful Internet marketer quickly.

There are some great lessons to learn here at Jason’s expense.

Daily Seminar Exit Strategy

Robert Plank and Jason Fladlien share how they built up Daily Seminar to sell it. The planning that went into it before it was created, how they were able to create a massive amount of content in a minimum amount of time, and how they plan to market it when it’s ready to be put on the market.

Exit strategies should be used for everything you create in business. This interview will be extremely beneficial to you.

Install A Control Panel In Your Mind

This is some “out there” psychology stuff. And we don’t know why it works but it works. What Jason has done it figured out a way to create a make-believe “control panel” in someone’s mind where they just flip a switch, and that allows them to go into the mind state they want to.

Jason shares his favorite mind states, and how he’s developed “switches” for them, and how he uses them to get things done in a way that is efficient, of the highest quality and most importantly – very enjoyable!

What Is Robert Plank Doing Wrong In His Business?

No matter how successful a business you run, there is always more you can do to improve on it. Robert did about 150k in 2008, and is on pace to break that for 2009. Yet Jason thinks Robert still is leaving a lot of money on the table. So he interviewed him and candidly gave him coaching advice on what Robert could do to double his earning in 2009.

Entertaining A Serious Offer To Buy A Membership Site

Jason and Robert have built a membership site with the sole purpose to sell it. They know have an interested buyer? What are they going to do to try to get get this buyer to say yes to their offer? Listen in and learn some amazing insights into the world of web site flipping.

3 Weeks Into The 30K Month with Jason Fladlien And Robert Plank

Follow their progress as Robert and Jason talk about their experiences after the first three weeks of the February where the each made a goal to make $30,000 that month. Listen in as they talk about what’s worked for them so far, and what hasn’t worked, and what their strategy is for the final weeks.

Jason Fladlien 30 K Month Results

Jason also strived to hit $30,000 in a month. Did he do it? No, he fell short, but that was due to a tragic incident in his life. Find out how, although he last two weeks of work in February due to a horrible tragedy he was still able to have his best month in Internet marketing, profit-wise.

Robert Plank 30K Month Results

Robert set a goal to earn 30k in one month. Did he do it? The answer is yes. Find out exactly how he accomplished this rather large figure of cash – the offers he made, the launches, the strategies, and more.

Membership Site Sold

Robert Plank and Jason Fladlien discuss how to create, package, present and sell a membership site for a good chunk of cash. The trick is the same as any other offer – to make it so incredibly valuable for the other person that they say yes… you win, and they win.

Robert and Jason share with you exactly how to make this happen, so you can become a site flipping genius.

Guest Blogging

Here’s the ultimate win-win-win situation. By approaching prolific bloggers who have a built in following, you can put your article – and a link to your site – in front of thousands of visitors with a click of a button. You win free traffic. The blog owner wins free content – something they’re very happy with – and the readers win because they get your fresh perspective.

We show you the exact ways to approach these high profile bloggers to get you articles placed on their blogs.


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