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Quick Recap: Correction: PSA: README pls about Bitcoins today (Sunday)

Editor's note:  its not that folks can buy calls, they can buy puts, I was informed.

Given my knowledge about puts and calls is limited to putting mooses outside and calling them back....

I *highly* recommend educating yourself on it all.  🙂



Barb Ling here and in case you're not aware:

The start of options trading for Bitcoins will begin at 6pm EST Sunday night.

This means people who think it will crash and who know how to manipulate the market, can buy puts.

So what does this mean for *you*?

Well, darned if I know, since I'm not you, but I will tell you what I will be doing with my bitcoins:


This has been the second big "boom" for digital currency.  The last time it happened, the price increased bunches and then wibbled down to very sorry prices indeed.  I *should* have kept buying at that time, but oh well.

Needless to say, *if* Bitcoins crash in the next few days, I myself am NOT going to panic.  Instead, I will start buying more once the price gets low enough.

Now, I could be entirely wrong here - it could be that Bitcoins will defy history and go to 100K a pop.... who knows?

The one thing I want to caution *you* is to take ownership of your money.  There most likely will be a mob mentality about it all.... and for me, the worst thing I can do is buy high and sell low.

I personally think Digital Currency is here to stay and will eventually become mainstream.

So yep... I'm just watching and waiting.

And if you'd like to watch and wait as well, pop up these two URLs into 2 tabs:

The second URL is how much Bitcoins are trading on Coinbase (where I bought mine), the first is well, hmmmm.... honestly, no idea.  But it appears to be another ticker from another place that monitors bitcoins.

You'll see that both prices will change real-time in your tabs.  I've been watching since yesterday and the two prices were between $600 to $800 mainly apart yesterday... now it seems to be between $500-$600 apart.

In closing, IF (IF, I say, IF) there is a panic regarding Bitcoins, do your research before making any money decisions.

And no matter *what* happens, Digital Currency is here to stay (and that means, building up perhaps a list of interest folk in Bitcoins/etc. will allow you to continue to profit, even if you don't invest in Bitcoins yourself).

Any questions?  Feel free to hit Respond and let me know what you think.


Stay tuned,

Barb "More buy Buttons!" Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

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