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Quick Recap: BOOMER: You… uploading premium content to build your expertise?

Hey there,

Barb Ling here and let me ask you...

If you're a boomer (I'm a boomer!)  sometimes its difficult to come up with something worth writing about.

And then let's about the next great step - having people then buy it!
Ever wish people bought from you first online, especially in the IM niche?
Or ever wish you were seen as THE seasoned IM niche authority online... complete with over a years' worth of quality content?

How much money could you make, if you *already* possessed those thousands of pages of authority-building resources?

* 1K a month?
* 3K a month?
* 10K a month?


Well, you're in luck today..
My colleague, Dennis Becker and I, earlier released the 5th volume of (and btw, the first 4 received Deal of the Day) :
==> Quick Content Volume 5: 350+K Premium IM Words Content with PLR for Multiple Uses (Including Memberships!)
And in a nutshell....

It's HUGE!

==> See for yourself !

We're talking brand new PLR content you can claim as your own... most of which never before released:
1. 78,000+ words approximately of content from Daily Seminar, a membership site with content created by Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank, now exclusively owned and operated by Dennis Becker
There are 16 long seminar transcripts (average is 4,800 words each), on the following topics:

* Be a Success, part 1
* Be a Success, part 2
* Coaching
* Day Job and Internet Marketing
* Double Your Money Back Guarantee
* Instant Product Creation
* JV Giveaway Marketing
* Killer Offers, part 1
* Killer Offers, part 2
* Life Tips Jason Learned from a House Painter
* Negotiation Secrets
* PLR Secrets
* Perfect Formula for Resale Rights Sales Letters
* Robert Plank on Video
* The 9 in 9 Method for Your Product Line
* Tiny List, Big Profits
Next, you'll have waiting for you:
2. 4 full eBooks from Dennis Becker, former best-sellers on the Nanacast platform, total approximately 119,000 words:
* Unlock the Creator in You!
* Unlock the Ideas in You!
* Week One Profits
* Starting From Free
Next, you'll gain:
3. Diaries, which are compilations of articles previously published inside the paid IM Inside Track membership site, total approximately 154,000 words on the following core subject areas:
* Affiliate Marketing Diary
* Income Generation Diary
* Traffic Generation Diary
* Email Marketing Diary
(Note: the long articles in these diaries have been available in other compilations of their PLR content, but not in this format, and not more than 5 of each category in any one compilation, so unless a buyer has purchased all 4 of our PLR volumes in the past, they won't have all of this content.
Like I said... its premium and super-packed!
And you know what this means?
It means that you will possess over a YEARS' worth of massive quality IM authority content, applicable to the IM niche as well!
You could use for all sorts of things (blog posts, coaching and/or training, paid membership site content, bonuses for purchase of a product of your own or as an affiliate, used as scripts for Youtube videos or podcasts, etc.)...

==> See it ALL here!

In total there are several dozen separate pieces of content, many are full book or short report length, but any or all of them can be sliced and diced into multiple parts, suitable for a year or more of ongoing content to deliver to a membership site.

And if that wasn't enough, you'll also receive:

4. Here's the *Plus More*: A workshop titled *Content Repurposing Workshop* (for the buyer's personal use only, not PLR) to help them learn to repurpose the content they receive here, content they've created in the past, or other private label rights material currently occupying space on their hard drive, into cash-in-the-bank content..

And the enhancements?

They're so astoundingly good:
* Resell rights to this huge amount of content so you can keep 100% of the commissions.
* Become a PLR Expert!
* Quality group coaching with access to both Dennis and me, unbelievable opportunity to help you master the skillsets you desire.

==> Start your adventure here!

Seriously, you can apply this evergreen content to the IM niche with ease...
See for yourself!
Enjoy.Grow strong,

Barbara "More commissions!" Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps:  You can make full products from these....

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