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Chromicode JVzoo Product of the Day! by Andy Brocklehurst and Curtis Crowley

9/13/17 – JVzoo Product of the Day!

Lookie here!

Now ANYONE can Create Their Own Chrome Extensions Without Any Coding!

“Fill In A Few Blanks, Push A Button And Out Pops A Fully Functional Chrome Extension That You Can Sell As Your Own, Monetize with Ads, Capture Leads or Use to Drive Automatic Affiliate Sales…”

PLUS… Harness the power of PERSISTENT, UNSTOPPABLE Push Notifications!

Brief, pithy and to the point:

Grab it here!

We’re Leveling The Playing Field And Giving Even The  Greenest Newbie The Chance To Build Their Own  Extensions for Google Chrome That They Own  The Rights To…

From the secret man caves of Andy Brocklehurst & Curt Crowley.

Dear Friend (if not now then soon!),

Please read this short letter very carefully.


Because in the next few moments we’ll show you EXACTLY how anyone can create their own Chrome Extension and more importantly WHY you’d want to do just that…

But first let me ask you something…

Do you know how many people use Google Chrome as their main browser?

Over ONE BILLION – and that was based on statistics from 2015 (we all know how quick things move in the world of the Internet.)

No matter how you look at it Chrome has a whopping 64% market share and that is increasing every month by between 2 and 4 percent (according to W3Counter)

In other words… it’s a massive user base.

So imagine how powerful it is to be able to give people FREE extensions that they can install from the hugely reputable Chrome store…

Until now the only two ways to do this were;

  • Learn to program (ain’t nobody got time for that)
  • Outsource it (Last check on Freelancer saw prices of anywhere from $300 – $10k! for one simple extension)

So unless you had either an abundance of time or money, creating extensions was just out of the question.

But So what?

WHY would you want to make an extension anyway?

Glad you asked…

What most folk fail to realise is that you can deliver just about any “web” content inside an extension if you know how.  

And you can automatically follow-up to anyone who installs your extension…

And the content doesn’t even have to be stuff you’ve created yourself!

Case Study #1 – The “Unofficial” Support Tool…

This is a screen shot taken on the 10th August (Just 1 week after this was updated into the Chrome Store).

This extension simply contains the tutorial videos supplied with a product which is just launching along with affiliate links to both the product in question and also to supplemental products that compliment it.

Extensions like this appeal to two kinds of people:

  • Those interested in purchasing the product… In which case you’re exposing those potential customers to YOUR affiliate link.
  • Those who have already purchased the product (perhaps not via your link)… In which case you are exposing them to other products and services that you will earn a commission on.

And because Google loves Google…

These extensions rank well in the search results too…

And as if the ranking, the launch jacking opportunity, and the affiliate sales for the main product and complimentary products wasn’t enough…

You can also collect the email address and other information of everyone who installs the extension giving you super, laser-targeted leads.

And this is only one way of putting ChromiCode to work for you…

  • Grab a ton of leads and subscribers in ANY Niche from the Chrome Extension Directory.
  • Deliver Unlimited Persistent Push Notifications.
  • Drive targeted free traffic to any page or offer (ideal for new affiliate marketers) from a massive audience of over 1.3 Million users.
  • 100% Newbie Friendly.  Anyone can do this.
  • Build extensions with In-App purchases.

See for yourself here:

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