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All About Social Marketing

Social Marketing!  All the world (and advertisers and media and and and) are raving about social marketing and social networks....

... for some very good reasons indeed!  Let's begin our exciting adventure with:

Step 1.) It's, Well.... *Social*

Social.  What does that mean to you?

For businesses and peoples who want to make money, it means:

Buyers!  Lots and lots of glorious buyers!

Who buy because of what they see online when they network with their friends...

... and learn all the compelling reasons why it's a MUST OWN TODAY!....

... and see their friends loving the Next Big Thing... so they have to get it too! 

That's what social means for people and companies who want to profit online.

You create a space where people want to gather...

... and then they tell THEIR friends....

... and then you suavely build in advertising and revenue.....

But we're getting ahead of ourselves!  Let's now talk about:

Step 2.) Popular Social Networking Sites

Well jeepers.  There be lots of 'em!

First off, there's Facebook.  Did you know there's more than 1.55 BILLION users on FB?

A huuuuge audience to market to!

More than 1 billion people log into Facebook .... Every.... Single.... Day.

In a nutshell, it's a business profit paradise (if you know what you're doing, that is.).

Another popular social networking site is Instagram (which oh by chance.... is owned by Facebook - FB bought Instagram in April of 2012).  There's more than 400 milliobn monthly active users.... more than 75 million daily users.... and more than 20% of Internet users.... use Instagram!

Powerful audience, that.

And don't forget Twitter - it started 10+ years ago and has 100 million users daily that create more than 500 million tweets daily....

Or Pinterest, the visual "pin a board/photo/life!" social networking goodness.

Other nifty social networking sites include:

  • Tumblr - Blogging platform
  • Google+ - Google's attempt at being Facebook
  • Linkedin - Business networking
  • Stumbleupon - Fav site networking
  • Flickr - Photosharing network

Heck, check out our list of social networking sites here!

Next, there's an art to making money via social networking.....

So let's now move to:

Step 3.) Social Marketing Tutorials and Goodness!

You can teach yourself just about anything online regarding social networking marketing.....

Here are some of the best resources we've found for you!

And don't forget:

Looking for Social Marketing Tools?  Step this way over to... these excellent goodies!

Don't forget these great Social Marketing Goodies....

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