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Newbie and Beginners Marketing

All About Beginners Marketing

It's comforting to think that everyone started as a beginner once.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet....

Everyone started from the same place initially!

'Course, many successful folk had surroundings that encouraged their business growth...

  • Environment
  • Family
  • Encouragement


The main thing to remember...

Even if this is the very first time you're learning Internet marketing.....

You can teach yourself all that you need to know.

A bold statement, I realize..... so let me go about backing that up!  Let's begin with these three simple steps:

Step #1.) Google is your friend, embrace that!

Want to learn something?

Google it!

Whatever it is you want to learn about anything in marketing, just slap on "tutorial" or "beginners" to your search like so:

And if you prefer video learning, you can do the same thing at YouTube:

Visit , enter in your search, and see things like:

But that's not all, did you know:

#2.) Tons of Internet Marketing communities abound, join them!

 One of the best ways to succeed online is to learn from those veteran marketers who are already doing it.  There are bunches of excellent IM communities, including forums, FB groups and more!  For example:

Click HERE for a more complete list!

Visit the above, register, lurk a bit (ie read what's to be found), and then introduce yourself!  Become more than simply a name... the goal here is to become known in your niche of choice.  If you're learning Internet Marketing in general, then the above forums are a good start!

Read what appeals to you... and then *apply* what you've learned and put yourself, your products, your business, out there!

Step #3.) View "failure" as your personal springboard to success

Oh so true.

Unless you're in the right time with the right product and have the right mentors to open the right doors to you (not impossible, I did that with The Internet Recruiting Edge back in 1998), chances are....

Your first few attempts at making money online will fail.

Well, "fail" if you consider failing equals not achieving the results you want!

However, it's a true fact that *everything* you try... gifts you with more knowledge.  You'll learn what DOESNT work, what does, and how to kick fate into the right direction in the future...

Like these people did!

'course, if you're a book learner.... there are some great resources you uncover on Amazon.  Enjoy these below!



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