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About Barb Ling, The Virtual Coach

Wait a sec! Before I continue, I’ll bet you’re reading on your device or desktop and wondering to yourself:

“Jeepers Self, why should I be glad just came across this site?”

Superb question!

It’s because it’s going to enable you to:

  • Embrace a Positive Success attitude that makes you achieve your goals
  • Get Rid of the little voice in your head that says, I can’t this this!
  • Give Rise To Superb business, profit, mental, emotional growth and confidence in your life
  • Much more!

You’re about to discover that yes indeed, it *is* possible to create a superb living online without:

  • Sacrificing your integrity
  • Wasting your money
  • Falling for online scams
  • Falling prey to useless “wealth marketing” gurus online whose only desire is to get you to buy their products

Even if:

  • You are brand-spanking new to profiting online
  • You’re handicapable and tire easily
  • You’re shy and lack self-confidence
  • You are a baby-boomer whose “get up and go”… got up and went…. and hasn’t been seen for the last 93 years

This is my reality… and it can be yours!

Hey there, I’m Barbara Ling and I’m a:

  • 20+ year veteran Internet Marketer
  • Babyboomer
  • Mom of 4 kids
  • Spouse of 23 years
  • Moose wrangler (okay large rescue dogs, and also guinea piggies)
  • Coffee enthusiast

Over the past 20 years or so, I’ve been (and still am) a Veteran Authority Marketing Innovator and blogger (since 1997). I’ve been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, eCommerce Times and more. I’ve written dozens of books/ebooks about social marketing online and currently support my family of 6 via my online business.

Now that I’m a babyboomer, however…..

Health issues have caught up to me to me.

  • My ankle was fused in 2012.
  • I now walk with a cane.
  • Instead of good/bad days, I now operate on good/bad hours.
  • In 2008 I lost 50+ pounds; in 2015 I gained 10 of them back. I’m currently reversing that trend.

Eh! Life happens.

And it causes changes. But did you know....

During ALL of my recovery....

There was *0* decrease in my business profits (thanks to strategic planning).

I shared my expertise via articles like:

and hundreds more.

These are possibly the least important things you could know about me.

The most important thing is this.

I’ve been in the online marketing business since it began, and believe me, I know exactly how to generate long-term income, without using the techniques of those who trumpet, “Send me your money and I’ll sell you an impossible dream!” That’s a song and dance.

It simply isn’t *necessary* to venture to the Dark Side – and to my mind, it’s downright wrong. There are hundreds of routes to legitimate online businesses that support their families and business online . Those businesses are stronger, more sustainable, and they actually make more money in the long run. Plus they let you sleep soundly at night.

I call that a win.

My clients want to emerge as a leader in their niche. And they’re relieved to hear that there are plenty of ways to do so.

I’m here to make that possible. I show you the techniques that create your authority and build strong, healthy businesses that make money by giving people what they want: solutions to problems.

Increasing your business bottom line with ethics and easy-to-follow instructions – that’s what you get when you work with me.

On a more personal note, I love coffee, martial arts, and mastering new industries (I even became one of the foremost experts in realty without ever working as a realtor). I live with my husband, my four amazing children, my Twitter Budgies, and our two moose – I mean rescue dogs. No, I mean moose.

If you’d like to get to know me one-on-one, please feel free to stalk me on my blog, follow my Facebook, or simply drop me an email.


If you’d like to delve back into the extremely boring (and long) list of my qualifications, just keep scrolling down.

A couple of interviews I especially like are at, SEOMOZ, How to Unleash Your Inner Expert and HowtoSpoter.

Golden Coffeecup Shining Achievement Awards

Every week I award the Golden Coffeecup Shining Achivement award in my Facebook group, Perking Up Profits,

You can see the winners here.


In closing, my experience speaks for itself.

Want to learn more? Feel free to drop me a line over at my group PerkingUpProfits, connect with me on Facebook or simply mosey on over and say Hi.

Good stuff!

So what should you listen to me?

Because unlike bunches of fly-by-nights you’ll uncover online….

I have almost 20+ years experience under my belt when it comes to research.

And not only did I lose 50+ pounds 8 years ago….

I kept the vast majority off. And those pounds that returned….

I’m dissolving those as well.

And let’s talk about now:

Full Disclosure

Virtually all of the valuable content you see on this site is free; I’m happy to demystify the current scams you’ll see online!

However, sometimes I will use my affiliate link to either:

  • Recommend a product


  • Demystify a product

That means if you purchase an item through my link, I will get a referral fee. It doesn’t increase the price for you at all… but it does go towards supporting my family and keeping the public content of my blog … .free.

So yep – if you see Amazon links… or eBay links… or product links…… chances are, it’s an affiliate link.

Btw, I really appreciate you reading this far! Let’s close with:

What You Just Learned

You just learned about The Virtual Coach, headed now by Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach. In this site, you’ll discover powerfully successful tips for:

  • Making money online
  • Uncovering free resources and tutorials for social marketing
  • Motivation
  • More!

But you’re not done yet – it’s time for:

Your Next Steps

If learning the above intrigues you, please feel free to bookmark this site and right now….

Tell your friends about it!

After all, nobody knows everything….

But everyone knows at least a small bit of something!

Put all those bits together….

And you’ll develop a support system to carry you forward…. decades into the future.


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling


Before doing any sort of business/marketing/eating/diet/exercising/fitness/body/ANYTHING change, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

Check with your doctor or healthcare professional.

Barb Ling, aka Mama Bear aka The Virtual Coach, is:

  • NOT a doctor
  • NOT a healthcare professional
  • NOT a registered dietitian

The information you find on this website is for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY.

ie, it’s NOT intended to diagnose or treat any condition/disease/etc.

No responsibility is assumed by the author, publisher or distributors of this information.

This information be never used in place of a licensed medical practitioner’s services., and no guarantees of any kind are made for the performance or effectiveness of the recipes, exercises, or other preparations that appear on this website.

Remember: An educated consumer is the best customer!

The Virtual Coach is a bacon-lovin’ organics-hatin’ happily marketin' baby boomer over 50 years of age. Your mileage, accordingly, may vary.


Do your own research. You, and only you… have your own best interests at heart.

Take advantage of that.