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General Marketing

Making money online is a "Know/Like/Trust" game....

And it's also a whole lot *more*.


  • A numbers game as well - the more people who see your offer, the greater the chance of people buying it.
  • An entertainment game  - the more people who are entertained by your content, the more shares you'll receive and the more visibility (which contributes towards an increase in numbers as well!)
  • A benefits game - the more visitors who feel they benefit from your content, the more they'll tell their friends
  • A charitable game - showing visitors you support causes that are close to their heart increases the positive references
  • A social game - Every single bit of content you put out online can be shared in ALL sorts of social media, thus growing viral awareness of the benefits you offer

... and it's a whole lot more!

The Internet marketing landscape has changed over the past decade or so... but some things still remain the same.

In a nutshell, the businesses that:

  1. Entertain your customers
  2. Make them feel good about themselves when interacting with your content
  3. Let them feel smart about using your content
  4. Showcase the benefits of sharing your content

... are the businessses that will succeed in 2016 and beyond.

So what does general marketing consisit of?

Well, it all depends upon whom you ask!  Because the Virtual Coach site arose from Internet marketing, we've broken down the General Category into:

  • Authority
  • Coupons
  • EBooks
  • Fast Cash
  • Google
  • Make Money
  • Newbie
  • Passive Income

We encourage you to check out all the free resources we have to share.... you're going to love what you learn!

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