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Fresh Store Builder

Fresh Store Builder Makes Creating Profitable Content.... Easy!

This site was created entirely by the super-nifty content management system, Fresh Store Builder.

At its most basic, it allows you to create monetized Amazon stores easily and effectively....

But you can do so much more (as you've seen on this site!).  For example, you can:

Easily build an Amazon Store

Notice the links on the left hand side?  Those are categories of the Virtual Coach Store.... BUT... Fresh Store Builder allows you to add viral content as well as monetized links!

Add YouTube Videos

It's easy!  Here, check out some great Fresh Store Builder videos:

Not only that, but you can go beyond and:

Add eBay and other Affiliate Links

Super simple it is!  Here I'm embedding my eBay affiliate link on, oh, say, 

Cool, isn't it?

Fresh Store Builder makes creating monetized content super simple.....

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