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All About Facebook Marketing


Everyone seems on it these days.... mainly because, well, everyone is on it!

And this "everyone" - it includes your:

  • Customers
  • Colleagues
  • Personal friends
  • Family
  • Kids teachers
  • Your spouse's family

ie - chances are you can connect with virtually *everyone* you know.

So!  Let's now pause and dive into:

Step 1.)  Facebook Stats And Why You Want To Embrace It

Think winning a Powerball lottery is huge?

Let's apply that to FB.   Here's some nifty FB Stats:

  • There's more than 1.5 billion monthly active users.....
  • More than 1.0 billion daily Facebook active users...
  • More people spend more than 21+ minutes a day on Facebook....
  • More than 90% of millenninals use Facebook....

So in a nutshell.... perhaps a cashew shell....

Facebook has a gigantic audience potential for every business online.

And that means, of course....

Lots of other sites write about Facebook!  Let's now pounce upon:

Step 2.)  Great Facebook Authority Sites

Would you believe....

There's bunches of places you can find Facebook information?

Not only just Facebook proper....


  • Social Media Authority Sites
  • Social Media Communities (Twitter, LInkedIn, etc.)
  • Facebook Groups and Pages (yep, marketers groups too!)

Check out our Facebook Authority Resources for a complete list!

And before we get into Facebook training, want to know why you should keep Facebook as a powerful tool?

'Course you do!  It's because:

Step 3.)  What You Can Do With Facebook

Facebook provides you with bunches of marketing and conversion opportunities!

They include:

  • Using Facebook Ads to target your ideal consumer
  • Creating Facebook Pages so your customers can network with you
  • Creating Facebook groups so your fans have a safe spot where they can build up your niche community
  • Facebook events!  Let your fans know your latest and greatest get together....
  • Facebook Messenger - think one on one customer service
  • Facebook Live - FB's answer to Twitter's Periscope live streaming

and much much more.

Want a bit more regarding Facebook learning?  Lookie here:

And don't forget about all the great Facebook goodies we've found below!


And did you know you can get great Facebook materials from eBay?  Enjoy!