💝 Day 110 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I will give myself permission to level up to the person I am meant to become.

Good morning! Yesterday, we discussed choosing 3 people to follow. Today, let's close out our self confidence challenge with something you can take with you forever: Move to: To wit: See: All you need to build your self-confidence... Is to give yourself permission to begin. It's up to you.  And yes... you are truly worthy of Read More

💝 Day 109 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I will choose 3 people who model what I want to achieve

Good morning! Yesterday, we chatted about writing down your goals on sticky notes and sticking them to anything not moving. Today, let's get some inspiration to achieving those goals.... Move to: To wit: See: There is inspiration all around you, if you only know where to look! But you have to be proactive.... And start crafting the Read More

🌄 Dissolving Explosive Thanksgiving Family Stress: Today’s Zenlike Coaching Tip

Today is Thanksgiving! Thing is, not everyone is capable of behaving like a civilized human bean... .... and sometimes family stress can get more devastating than a tsunami brewed inside of a Starbucks location. So how can you ensure your stress level is as teeny as possible? You manage expectations. And here's how. During the Thanksgiving Read More